June 7, 2008


The giveaway is now closed, but never fear there will be more in the future.

Sunny Day apron

The apron above is called Sunny Day and it is the apron for the giveaway. Here are the details on how to win.

Who can enter?

Anyone can enter except my sister and my mom, because no one would believe me if your name came up in the drawing =) If you live outside of the States, you are more than welcome to enter, however you will have to pay for shipping ($4.50 Canada and $9.00 elsewhere).

How to enter?

This is where it gets fun (for me at least)! There are 2 ways you can enter the drawing. 1) Correctly answering the trivia question which will be at the end of this post. 2) If you have purchased an apron from me either through etsy or outside of etsy, that counts as one entry. Yes, you get one entry per apron. However, when you enter you must include your etsy name that you used when purchasing the apron, and how many aprons you purchased.

Can I enter more than once?

You can enter more than one time if you answer the trivia question correctly and have bought one or more aprons from me. For example: if someone has purchased 2 aprons from me and answered the question correctly that would be 3 entries. Hooray!

Where do I enter?

Here! Simply leave your answer and/or how many aprons you have bought from me in the comment section of this post.

Any other info needed?

I will need some way to contact you. You have 3 options: 1) You can leave your email address with your comment. 2) After leaving your comment, you can contact me through etsy (prettyditty.com) and leave your contact info. 3) You can email me at apronstreet[at]yahoo.com with your contact info. If you have a blog or an etsy shop you can always leave that info in your comment as a way for me to contact you. Don't worry, your info will not be sold to spam slime.

How and when will you announce the winner?

The winner will be drawn from the list of correct entries (see how to enter above). I will leave this post up until Saturday June 14th and then I will announce the winner.

Are you ever going to tell us the trivia question?

Yes, but first let me set you up for the question. My Birthday is June 17th and my husband and I were married 14 years ago on June 18th. So, for my rehearsal/birthday party dinner we all went to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate. In the middle of the festivities, I noticed my party was quickly turning into a solo event. After checking my breath, body odor, and the possibility of something weird on my lip (it's happened before), I noticed everyone at the bar watching the television. There was a not so high speed chase on the 405 freeway (California) with a celebrity in the passenger seat.

The trivia question is... who was the passenger in the car?


The passenger is male


Football star

Phew! All this excitement makes me thirrrrrsty. I think I'll get a big glass of Orange Juice. OK, now let the wheels turn ever so slightly and submit your answer. I want everyone to have a chance to win.

Sunny apron

*** I have had a couple of emails regarding people not able to comment. If you don't have a Google account, be sure to check the anonymous option which allows anyone to post a comment***



Miranda said...

The passenger is OJ - OJ Simpson baby! And I'll even tell you who the driver was.....Kim Kardashian's real daddy, Robert Kardashian.

I've purchased three aprons from you Miss Jamie. You know where to find me.


Miranda said...

Correction!!! Al Cowlings was the driver and they WENT to Kardashian's house as that's where OJ was staying.

Unknown said...

OJ Simpson, what a weirdy he is.

Ok, so I haven't yet purchased any aprons from you, however, I do heart you in etsy AND linked to you on my new-ish blog. . . probably doesn't count, eh? Thought I'd throw it out there just in case.

Love, love, LOVE the apron!

Karin said...

O.J. Simpson---- Easy questions are good!.....Thanks for the chance to win!

Pamelamama said...

I have bought an apron and I would be happy to win one! :D

It's so preeety!

Unknown said...

OJ! Oh, that seems like ages ago, doesn't it?
BTW, this is the cutest apron I've ever seen! I've never been to your etsy shop, but will visit now for sure. Very cute! I think I'd have to start baking more if I won! lol
~even in the summer. :)


Miranda said...

I forgot to include my Etsy name which is HairPetals :)

GoyaDesigns said...

Hey Jamie, Not sure if the first entry went through since I don't see it posted. If it did, please disregard this one. If it didn't go through here it is.

The driver was OJ. I have purchased "dragonfly" for my teenage daughter.

Should I be so lucky to win, you can contact me through my etsy shop (GoyaDesigns), email me or call me up.


GoyaDesigns said...

Yikes, I said OJ was the driver. I meant he is the answer to the question.. How could I muddle that one up.

Two Mittens said...

I'm fairly new to your site so I haven't purchased any aprons yet, but they are some of the most beautiful I have seen. And I'm not just sucking up now.


Sweetest Petula said...

OJ Simpson was that man..and it sucks that he ruined your party. He ruins everything.

Sweetest Petula said...

Oh, and p.s. you have been one of my hearted "favs" for awhile and I love your aprons. And...I am totally sucking up!
I have contests all the time on my blog, check it out for fun and exciting prizes...sweetpetula.blogspot.com

bethany said...

OJ Simpson-I was watching it too. I absolutely LOVE this apron-I'm hearting your shop and when I lose weight after my baby comes, maybe I'll buy one to celebrate :)

Unknown said...

Hi! I've ordered one apron and my etsy name is abecker680 (I'm sure I'll love the apron!). The answer is OJ Simpson!

abue said...

Orenthal James Simpson :-) love you jaimie! i've visited site b4 but have yet 2 buy apron--so! so! cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo xo tina trejo

Jenny said...

OJ simpson

Kathleen W. said...

OJ Simpson of course! I love your aprons and will bookmark your Etsy store for future birthday presents (to myself!).

Mare said...

Mare knows the answer!.. It's OJ Simpson!! I would have done much better in school , if all the tests would have been that easy!! But that's water way under the bridge!

Giabella Designs said...

OJ Simpson! Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!!!!!! sueannciccone@yahoo.com.

I really love that apron! Love the fabric, Anna Maria Horner right?

Pretty Ditty said...

Yes, that's Anna Maria Horner fabric.

I am laughing out loud at some of ya'lls comments.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,
I have bought 2 aprons, and actually I think I need the Hawaiian apron for myself.I cannot get into my paypal, so I will pay cash...thru mama?
...oh yeah! The passenger was OJ Simpson...and I hear he is still looking for Nicole's killer on all the golf courses across the country...good luck OJ.
You know how I love you...Candi Sue

Anonymous said...

OJ Simpson :)

I've purchased two aprons now (one you are making and another one I rec'd last week)

LOVE LOVE LOVE your aprons, they are fantastic!!!! Who knew I would ever be wearing an apron, lol!

Rebecca P.

Anonymous said...

OJ Simpson was in the car. I purchased 1 apron from you and would love to have another!! =)

(This is Laura from WA.)

Anonymous said...

Jamie Christine,
I love my apron you that made me; which was a custom order.It is a full Lola apron sewn out of that darling black and gray toile , trimmed with red and white polka dot fabric. The black tulle edge on the bottom just makes it "pop!'. I have it proudly hanging on an antique, angel hook in my kitchen...It's almost too pretty to wear this sweet little ditty for every day chores in the scullery...so I save it for special occasions. I always receive so many compliments whenever I have friends over for a visit. Thanks you for such an adorable creation.
I was watching this chase as I was decorating toasting glasses and cake cutting knives for a particular wedding reception. This "Barbie Doll Couple" and their families were at their wedding rehearsal and the dinner.
I was sitting right in front of the T.V....making little bows...gluing flowers...pausing and looking up...."Did they get him??" As O.J. Simpson was in the car trying to escape from the police.That scoundrel. I still believe he is guilty!

Hope I win!

Love to you and the family,
Linda U

Anonymous said...

OJ Simpson.
Email is ginger dot bisker at gmail dot com

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Love the apron!
I didn't see a deadline for entry, so I hope I'm not too late.

The answer is OJ Simpson.

I'm off to check out your etsy store.

Kimberly :)

Anonymous said...

Notorious car driver/suspect:
O.J. Simpson.

I have purchased 2 of your lovely aprons, would love to have (3) entries into the drawing.


ETSY member: Jenky316