June 14, 2008

The winner is......

Laura from Washington! Laura was picked via the Random Number Generator. I assigned every entry a number and viola! Out came Laura from Washington. Thank you all for enduring the very difficult trivia question.

Another big thank you to everyone for your kind words and compliments. I was very blessed by reading your comments. This giveaway will certainly not be the last. That was just too much fun and I am already planning on doing another giveaway.

Yes, the correct answer was unfortunately OJ Simpson. Every June 17th I am told two stories: 1) How my mom, when pregnant with me, was having an... er.... uh... awkward dream that she was straddling a fence. When she woke up she realized she was in labor=) 2) When OJ decided to run from the law.

So, I'm back from my staycation (see #2 definition) in Carlsbad and ready to sew. My mind is flooded with ideas. One idea is turning my Lola apron design into a dress. I have already started on a few rough drafts and I'm very excited with how it's coming along. Now, if I can just get the dress finished while it's still summer, I'll be very happy. Another project I'm almost finished with is a boy version of my bird cage (see upper right corner for tutorial). I'm making it a pterodactyl cage with of coarse a pterodactyl inside of the cage. Lastly, I have some beautiful new fabrics to work with for more Pretty Ditty aprons.

Back to my staycation, you know a city is pretty when they...

paint their fire hydrants, and...

even the squirrels have to pause to enjoy the view.

Have a great weekend and thank you to everyone who participated in the give-away.



GoyaDesigns said...

Congrats Laura on winning the apron?

Congrats to you, Jamie for such a neat experience. Can't wait to see your dress creation. Don't know if you remember me mentioning how your apron designs would make a great dress at our holiday boutique. I know what ever you do, it will be will love.

My last two cents, Awesome fire hydrants. As if Carlsbad wasn't beautiful enough with its gorgeous botanicals and perfect weather, it had to make sure no curb was left unturned without displaying beauty.

Miranda said...

I love Carlsbad!!!! Cute pics Jamie.

P.S. I tagged you. Check our my blog for details. Happy Sunday!

Pamelamama said...

oooohhhhh .... sign me up to try the dress!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie,

Did I ever tell you about the dream I had the night I went into labor with you??? Well...it goes like this...I was running in a beautiful field and had to cross over a fence...which I got stuck in the middle and my feet weren't touching the ground...and OOOOOHHHH it hurt my stomach sooooo bad...then all of a sudden my senses focused on the fact that I was two weeks late and over due with my first baby and (music maestro..da da da daaaaaaa) I MUST BE HAVING LABOR PAINS! and I was! Five hours later I held in my arms the beautiful baby girl that has blessed my life with joyful memories and shared laughter and sometimes tears...my life is richer and fuller at her day of birth. I love you and just had to share the dream! MOM

PS Laura you will love this apron!