October 31, 2008

Freaky Friday Fabric Giveaway

Lets get this Halloween started with a giveaway shall we. Being as Alexander Henry fabrics design some of the best Skull and Day of the Dead fabrics, I thought it would be appropriate on this holiday to give away 1 yard of any Alexander Henry fabric from my fabric shop Phat Fabric. (Did I break the world record for writing the word fabric the most times in a sentence? No. OK.)

Here's how to enter:

Go to Phatfabric.com and pick out 1 yard of the Alexander Henry fabric you would like to win. Then, come on back and leave a comment with the following information.

1) The Alexander Henry fabric of your choice.

2) Tell me what's your favorite, funniest, or least liked Halloween costume. It can be one you've worn or someone else has worn. For example: I went to a "ghetto fabulous" Junior High School. As you can imagine, kids were quite creative with their Halloween costumes. Now, because I didn't go to school on Halloween (read here), I was told of a boy who came to school sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard with duct tape wrapped around him. When asked what he was for Halloween, he responded with "I'm a spatula." I know, sad but really funny.

Don't feel like you have to tell a story. You can always just write something like "I don't like those Scream costumes." I don't either. I really can't stand the ones with blood coming down the face. Anyways, you get the point. Right???? 1) Fabric choice and 2) Halloween costume.

The giveaway will close on November 7th (next Friday) and the winner will be chosen via The Random Number Generator. If you are outside of the US, you are more than welcome to enter the giveaway. However, you will be responsible for shipping charges.

Alrighty, it's time to give me some treats with your comments.

The giveaway is now closed. I will post the winner shortly. Thank you for all of your great costume stories.


Anonymous said...

Am I the first? Anyway, I'd love a yard of the Yui Kokeshi fabric. So cute.

My least favorite Halloween costume this year would be all the Sarah Palins that are going to be running around. Pageant sashes, glasses, the moose ears, the updos, the Needless Markup tags, the flag bikinis....EEEEEK.


Unknown said...

Ok, here's me. . .

1. Starling in Natural
2. I think back to the year I was 4 my mom made me a Big Bird costume complete with hundreds of feathers attached by hand, a HUGE beak, stripy tights and big old orange feet. Wow! Thinking back now, she really WAS supermom.

Anonymous said...

I would like the Los Novios in Natural fabric.

My favorite Halloween costume was the year that my husband and I dressed as smurfs for and 80s theme party. I made our hats out of white felt, we painted our faces and necks blue, wore blue long sleeve shirts (too cold in the NE to do the body painting thing), and white scrub pants. He was Hefty, I was Brainy.

Cocoa Dreams said...

1. Starling 2. I can't really point out a favorite or least liked costume but I'm not very fond of store boughten costumes. They are made so bad. I love watching all the morning shows to see all the creative costumes though. Oh wait I saw some really cute costumes but they were on dogs and they had this german shepherd dressed up as a Krispy Kreme worker. Great email if you have seen it.

Melanie O said...

I'm not sure if I'm disqualified because I just won an apron a little while back (thank you sooo much!) and I wasn't even going to enter this one BUT.... I love the Virgin of Guadalupe fabric so much I just have to give it a shot. I totally understand if I can't enter, though!

My favorite costume this year is the Elvis costume a 10 year old boy in our neighborhood was wearing. It's too funny because his family is Bosnian and so not Elvis-like!

Angela said...

I love the Starling fabric.

Costume. My poor mother. She's a great sewist and every year made me wonderful costumes. But one year I saw a "quick costume" on tv and I just had to do it. It was black garbage bag with two leg holes cut out, stuffed with newspaper and taped up at the neck (and armholes cut, too). Then you made an "m" in tape on the front, and voila, you're an M&M. It was horrible. Tacky, unrecognizable, and I left a trail of wadded up newspaper through the neighborhood. Not to mention the ink stains on my clothes.

Unknown said...

Voodoo Skulls in black rocks and I'd love a bit.

My favorite was two years ago when me and two friends were chairmen for a (church meaning nominal budget) party and dressed up as the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. I was on a Narnia kick. I got to be the witch and found an old wedding dress on freecycle and made an awesome (turkish delight timeframe ) dress. My friend did great on the lion. The mane and face paint were so detailed. The 3rd friend almost backed out but I offered to make her costume and sat in front of a paused screen for hours making a wearable wardrobe.

It took a while, while at the party, for people to put together our theme (we were not together much as we were working) then people were trying to get us together. It was a hit.

Sadly in subsequent years, I have yet to top that party (we scored some free point of purchase for decor and made a killing off freecycle) or costume.

Anonymous said...

I love the Starling!

My most favorite Halloween costume was a Monica Lewinsky outfit I threw together at the last minute. I had a black beret, a cigar, an "intern' badge and DNA (via a bottle of Lubriderm lotion).

Anonymous said...

1. Holiday on Ice in red

2. I'm not much into Halloween, but my hairdresser always creates himself a fantastic costume. This year he's going as a FLDS woman and his costume and makeup are flawless, but my favorite costume was when he and his good friend went as Anna Nicole Smith (his friend was her) and Howard J. Marshall (my hairdresser was him). "Howard J" was in a wheelchair with his oxygen tank, with "Anna Nicole" on his lap. They managed to look eerily like who they were supposed to be.

Unknown said...

1. Pink Zinnia in black

2. My favorite Halloween costume was my husband as a white Jimi Hendrix. I convinced him he HAD to wear my skinny jeans. I had to tie his shoes because the jeans were so tight he couldn't bend over! I keep trying to get him to put them on again, his butt looked so cute!

Bobbinoggin said...

1) Yen Rose in red ~ Fashionista collection

2) My "oddest" Halloween costume was in eighth grade. I decided that it would be incredibly cool if I became a "blue" person. Not a smurf, mind you. A BLUE PERSON. I wore blue tights, blue turtle neck. Fake blue eyelashes. Blue lips. Blue hairspray. Blue everything! And then I was outraged when people asked if I was a smurf. Come on people, I'm a blue person. Like, duh.

Anonymous said...

Being partial to florals I would pick Pink Zinnia in black ~ Fashionista collection. Lovely.

My favorite costume was one I wore to a college Halloween party (i won't tell you how long a go that was). We had to dress up in some way related to our name. So being the geek that I was and my last name being Stein I dressed up as Albert Einstein. The costume really came out well and I enjoyed being a "man" for the evening.

Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Canyon Girl said...

Love your blog and your designs!

I hope you don't mind, but I did a small feature about your aprons on my blog.



Kristin said...

Ohhhh..love the starling in natural! As far as costumes go, I wish my husband would have been a pirate and then I would have been the treasure chest (with gold coins attached all over my boobs)! lolol Oh that cracks me up! 8-)

Anonymous said...

I love the Starling in natural!

I used to beg for those costumes in the stores that was just a plastic smock with the name of your character on it and the plastic mask with the face on it. Anyway, my mother always created great costumes for me but I just wanted the store bought costumes. I always remember my friend in the Farrah Fawcett one and laugh to myself to this day. It's so silly but at the time I thought it was just so cool!

Unknown said...

I would have to agree that the starling in natural is my favortie fabric!

My least favorite Halloween costumes are actually the "Scream" costumes as well. Back when I was a teenager I worked at a little shop in our small town, it had everything from ice cream cones, beer, produce, a deli that we served sandwiches and soup in, and of course Videos. One night I was closing up, part of my routine was to check in all of the returned movies and replace them in the back room. It was about 9:30pm and very dark back there. The owners son who was about 12 years old jumped out wearing a scream costume complete with the bloody face and an REAL knife from the deli... a HUGE knife! I screamed and ran and needless to say the owner, the son and the guy I had a crush on who I worked with were all in on it and had fun mocking me for months after


Tim said...

I like the Angelitos fabric best.
My favorite costume was that of a Mad scientist that I wore to work one year. I have that kind of crazy look even on good days. Thanks for having a great giveaway. Tim

Alissa said...

It's the starling in natural that is my fav of the Alexander Henry fabrics! And as for costumes, for me, this year I'm tired of all of the Sarah Palins! There's soooooooo many of them.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, Starling in natural, please!

My favorite costumes and little kids and babes dressed up as elephants. I don't know why, but I find it ridiculously adorable!

Angie from Dear Spring Green said...

I love the starling in natural, just adorable!

My favorite costume one year when I was little was a fried egg. I think I read it in a book somewhere...my sister did go as a spatula! She was silver on top, wore black tights on the bottom! She had to explain what she was a lot, but people figured out mine pretty quickly!

Morgan said...

I love the Yui Kokeshi fabric best! They look like little Japanese Pez dispensers! Alexander Henry is my favorite fabric brand of all, so thanks so much for this giveaway!
& my worst costume was when I dressed up as a farmer girl at the last minute to go to a party with a friend. I had overalls, big freckles, and pig tails. My friend had neglected to tell me it was an "Angels & Devils" theme party, so all the other girls were these delicate, sexy angels and devils, and there I am in my plaid shirt with a pitch fork. I felt quite foolish!
Which also reminds me that I detest how all women's costumes are "sexy" these days. Sexy witch, sexy school girl, sexy dentist... Urgh!

Anonymous said...

Starling in Natural is my fabric pick - thanks - and my best costume was a wall flower when I was in college. (pretty floral dress and headband with big cardboard petals attached).

The best halloween party for costumes I've been to was one where you had to come as a character (or concept) from a song. Good stuff.

Treasuresofjoy said...

Starling in natural would be my choice.

I was Madonna back in the 80's for Halloween. We used 100's of these jelly bracelets to wear on our arms and flourescent tops torn. UGH, I can't believe I am revealing this....

Anonymous said...

The starling in Natural is my favorite by far -- i mean who can resist that darling jacket!!

Halloween costume story -- this chick walks up to the house in a gray sweatsuit with cotton balls stuck all over her and she was carrying a water bottle. Odd, i think. So I ask the question -- what are you, exactly? And she says, "partly cloudy" (and then squirts the water from the bottle at me) and then says "with a chance of rain!" I thought I would fall down from laughing so hard!! It really was funny!!

Evelyn said...

Hard to pick, but I guess I love the "Starling in natural" the best. My favorite costume this year was a little toddler girl dressed up as a cupcake. Hard to describe, but she looked so incredibly sweet!

Diana said...

1. I love Starling in natural
2. My favorite Halloween costume was one my grandmother made me during a visit when I was 10. It was a "Wood Sprite" costume and made of black satin with spaghetti straps and pointy, petal-like pieces of fabric sewn around a waistband. There was a wrap made of black netting with sequins. I'm laughing and crying remembering this. Laughing because I'm imagining what my mother's reaction must have been. Her taste was very 1940s/50s sporty and my grandmother's 1920s theatrical/arty style was a constant source of annoyance to her. Crying because I remember what a sweet visit that was. Grandma stayed in my room with me and my parakeet. She told me stories every night until I fell asleep. She let my parakeet out of it's cage every day so it could be free and fly around the room while she was sitting on my bed sewing my costume. She was my favorite relative and loved to sew and create as much as I did.

epban said...

I would love the Starling in Natural fabric. Favorite costume was Dorothy from Wizard of Oz I made for my daughter. Homemade are the best!

Anonymous said...

like the los novios print, and starling...

I am so totally over the Sarah Palin costumes and the Juno/pregnant teenager costumes

two hippos said...

My favorite is the Starling in Natural. As for Halloween costumes, my favorite was the year I dressed up as a wild thing from Where the Wild Things Are.

Carrie L said...

I found your blog from True Up. Thanks for the chance to win some fabric! I really like the Starling in Natural. So cute.

This year I saw a werewolf costume that was so ugly. It was at an event for kids, and I thought it was tacky to wear something so scary around them.

Katie R said...

I love the starling in Natural.
When I was in fourth grade I was "The Secret Garden". I remember my dad working so hard to help me be the perfect book. I Had my title on the spine and my dewy decimal number. The cover had a picture of Mary turning the key in the wall under all the ivy. I felt so proud and I love the book anyways! I wish they had kept it... but it was a big box! :) Thanks for the memories.

Giddy for Paisley said...

This seems to be a lot of peoples favorite and I would have to agree. I have been eying this wonderful print since it came out, yes you guessed it...it's the Starling in natural. I would have to say the funniest one I have seen was a trick or treatier that came to our house last year, he was probably 9 or 10 years old and he had a huge card board box on that was painted white. with magnetic letters glued on him, he was a refrigerator.

Erin said...

1) Starling in Natural is so cute!
2) This year my youngest daughter said she wanted to be a building. I was all ready to get out a giant cardboard box and start drawing skyscraper windows (and cutting out peep holes for her eyes) when she changed her mind to a *yawn* pixie princess.

Try as I might, I could not convince her of the brilliance of being a skyscraper so we dug out the pink tulle and sparkles. Maybe next year when she's 5...

(I'm here c/o True Up.)

Nanna said...

My favorite fabric is yen rose in red.
I never liked to wear ANY of those latex masks. Most often it was a witch. I tasted rubber for two days after Halloween!

Cookie said...

Starling in Natural!

I love babies in costumes, especially the leopards or ballerinas with the fluffy tutu!

My best and worst costume was a princess in 4th grade. It was a beautiful lavendar corset dress that my mom modified for me and it had a huge hoop skirt to get that full princess effect. However, in the school parade people kept stepping in it so I ended up holding the hoop and looking like a princess in a bathtub! Doh!

Anonymous said...

I like starling in Natural. My favorite halloween costume was when i went as a freudian slip- I simply wore a slip over my pants with phrases like "oral fixation," "penis envy," and "aggression" written all over it.

gussied up said...

Wow! Thanks for the opportunity.

1. Regent Skull in blue
2. Cereal Killer

Colleen said...

I like the Starling in Natural. One of my favorite costumes is one I sewed myself for my daughter. She was the cutest dalmation dog ever!

smoose003 said...

1. Pink Zinnia in black ~ Fashionista collection
2. The first year I was able to trick or treat I was Princess Leia and my brother was Darth Vadar.

Anonymous said...

1) Los Novios - I'm a sucker for El Dia De Los Muertos lately!

2) My favorite costume? It sounds cliche, but I made my daughter the most adorable angel costume with mirabeau boa wings - my fingers bled after sewing those to the foam core board!

Marissa said...

1. Startling in Natural
2. I don't really like the cheap store bought costumes. As far as one I like a friend of mine got a box of stick ons that say My name is... and she put a different name on each one and then stuck them all over her. She was an identity crisis. I thought it was a clever idea.

Anonymous said...

The Starling in Natural fabric is so pretty. I would love to make something for my daughter with that.

My least favorite costumes. Store bought characters ie. Sesame Street, Blues Clues etc. Blah. Very boring and definitely not original. I love the handmade costumes at Grosgrain and Honeyflake.

Victoria said...

I love the Starling in Natural. My least favorite costume was a couple of years ago. A young man who must have been 16 or 17 had painted on a mustache and wore a wide-brimmed hat - that was it - and had a huge bag of candy. I tend to draw the line at someone 16years of age, lame.

lewmew said...

Love Yui Kokeshi. Loads of fun!

Costume: This is tough. My sister dressed up as Miss Piggy this year and it was hysterical! She is very into Halloween and always has something great!

Linda (lewmew A hotmail. com)

Anonymous said...

I love the Starling in natural fabric. I've been admiring it since it came out!

My favorite costume this year was my little girl (almost two) who dressed as a monkey and made monkey noises all day long (complete with the scratching and arm waving). Such a cutie.

Unknown said...

1. Los novious in natural is FABULOUS.

2. As Friday night came to a close and we headed home, there were still a few crazy Halloweeners running around downtown Milwaukee. A group of them were dressed as Tetris pieces, and as we yelled shouts of praise from our passing car, they stopped to form together like a full Tetris screen. It was great.


mel said...

I'd love the Starling in natural.

I hate costumes that can be bought from the drugstore. They look cheap, they are made of plastic, they are just ugly.

I love the costumes that people craft out stuff from their recycling bins. They are so creative! It's a shame that most people these days don't have a lot of creativity! That's something that I really want to teach to my kids, don't just buy something because it's available in a store, if you can make it yourself, it's much more fun!

Tricia said...

Ooh! Starling in natural! ... No, Zinnia in black. ...No, definitely Starling. So hard to choose.

I love any costume it looks like the kids have put together themselves. Mine are still too young, but I look forward to seeing them get creative. I remember these store-bought costumes from when I was little that were little smocks with the character's face on the chest of the smock. Even then, I thought, Huh? I thought the point was to look like something, not wear a picture of it.

Doris said...

One yard of Starling in Natural, Please!

I'm with you, my ten year old nephew wore one of the "bloody Scream" costumes this year. I hate gruesome for kids. Isn't reality gruesome enough some days?

Anonymous said...

Love the Wranglers in Bright-Nicole's Print.

My favorite Halloween Costume is a gipsy/fortune teller because it's so easy to put one together.

Thanks so much for the chance!

CraftyHope said...

1.All of the fabrics are beautiful so I have to name two - the Starling and the Zinneas. Both are just lovely.
2. The first costume contest I ever won, my mom dressed my sister and I in black trash bags, then did punk-rock-like makeup (thKISS)on our faces, and glued rhinestones to our earrings. Apparently, we were the "Sleeze Sisters" Oh, and the contest I won - was for Ugliest costume. Fun huh?

jacquie said...

i'm loving starling in natural...so cute! my fav costume of all time was when my hubby and i went as jack and the beanstalk...i was jack.

Unknown said...

LOVE Starling in natural ~ Alexander Henry - his fabrics are so modern and funky - love it.

My favorite costume was a devil oufit I put together. My firend was an angel and we were our other friends conscience.

Anonymous said...

my own favorite costume was in high school when my aunt lent me her Korean War WAC uniform plus her shiny brown leather boots! It fit perfectly and was so much fun.
the weirdest costume I have ever seen was a boy I knew in elementary school who made a large paper mache eggplant with a green felt hat that looked like the green top of the veggie and the stem.
I would love the virgin of Guadalupe if available, if not any of the Day of the Dead folklorico collection.

Anonymous said...

I like Holiday On Ice in Red!
The costumes I hate are those cheap looking tacky ones that some costume stores rent/sell. For the price they are charging I'm sure they can afford better quality material!

Nicki said...

1. Pink Zinnia in black ~ Fashionista collection

2. One year I was a bag of jelly beans - the jelly beans were balloons and they kept popping all night (not so great for a kid who does NOT like to be the center of attention)

Anonymous said...

I would love Starling in Natural.

I finally get to vent about Halloween costumes, yay. I love the horror costumes because with latex they can be so realistic and detailed. I loooove when people put costumes on dogs. I really hate the political masks that are out now and every time it's a voting year. The store bought costumes are soooo cheap and tacky. I applaud anyone who makes their own even if they aren't the most talented. I do love Halloween though.

PS I wanted to say that I love the logo on your site, it's sooo cute.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,I would love the Starling in natural.

My Halloween story is about my daughter when she was in high school.She is 5'10" and had dressed as a go-go barbie doll,complete with high white boots,she was old enough to drive herself to school and when she arrived she saw NOBODY dressed up and was too embarrassed to get out of her car.She actually kinda looked like a transvestite because of her height and build(something I hadn't mentioned to her so as not to hurt her feelings)anyway she calls begging me to let her come home because she could not bare to walk on campus by herself,so being the nice mom that I am I let her come home.

jamie said...

I could have sworn that my comment posted! I don't see it, so I'll try again.
1. starling in natural for me
2. Halloween costume: when I was around 6 or 7 my mom dressed me up as a jar of jelly beans...White turtle neck, white tights, and a 'poncho' made out of a clear dry cleaning bag. We filled the bag with small colored balloons, and tied it snugly around my hips...

Pretty Ditty said...

The giveaway is now closed. I will post the winner in just a bit.

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