October 30, 2008

Roasted pumpkin seeds and a pumpkin girl doodle

I roasted these pumpkin seeds a couple of hours ago. The recipe is from All Recipes (click here for the recipe). In the past, when I've baked pumpkin seeds, they always seem to be missing something. This time I added sugar and cinnamon to the butter mix and "I wuv it" as my son would say. Hmmm... now that I think of it, everything I don't like seems to be missing sugar ;) Yes the seeds are slightly burnt, but it was still delicious.

Don't forget about the Freaky Fabric giveaway tomorrow. Nope, the fabric won't be freaky. Well... unless you want it to be =)

My pumpkin girl doodle.

Happy Halloween Eve.



Giabella Designs said...

Okay, that it, I have had it! You sew, draw, paint, are fit.......what CANT you do?

I am trying to find time to actually sit down and post. I am going to call it "hey, pretty ditty"......heeheee

Pretty Ditty said...

...and that's about all I can do. My house is a mess with laundry coming out of the windows, floors that are way over due for a washing, and we had frozen pizza again! As for the fit part... that's all smoke and mirrors ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes it's true...the girls amazing and I should know. On top of all of those fun things she does so well, she is a wonderful and fun mom who laughs at herself and enjoys her kids. The laundry can wait....there's time later. Take it from MAMA!!

Glenda said...

That is a fabulous "doodle"!! If you should decide to post it in your etsy shop, I know one person in particular who would buy it (me me me!!).

Pretty Ditty said...

Wow! I am flattered. Thank you Glenda, that made my day =)