March 18, 2009

Reality dancing

I like reality TV. I do. And so do my kids. They especially like Dancing with the Stars. So the other night, they decided to imitate Dancing with the Stars by dancing with each other when a couple on TV was dancing. This was better than any reality show.

They reminded me of when I was younger and my brother and I would watch Dance Fever with Deney Terrio. We would pretend to be contestants on the show. I was the boy and he was the girl. I was bigger and stronger than him, which should explain the gender role reversal. I don't know who should be more embarrassed by that... me or him? Anyways, being the older sister and a gymnast at the time, I was able to lift him in the air for certain dance lifts like the helicopter and so on. Sometimes I would drop him by accident.... sometimes not by accident. It toughened him up =) And now, I see my kids doing the same thing minus the dropping, and minus the gender role reversal.

After dancing a few rounds, my kids decided to do individual dancing and judge each others dance. When my 3 year old completed his very abstract dance, he stood before my daughter and asked her "how'd I did?" She replied with something like this "Well, I liked how you did your turns and rolls, but I didn't understand this (striking an odd pose)?" She continued to critique him rather harshly for several minutes and then ended with this question "How do you think you did?" My 3 year old said " I tink I did GWEAT!"

Too cute!



Jacqueline said...

Your little ones are sooo cute! Sounds like fun!! Loving that photo lots too! Have a lovely merry happy day and lots of love to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

What a gweat post!

The Blur Ridge Gal

A "cheery" disposition said...

O my gosh that is the cutest story. I seriously was smiling the whole time I was reading that thinking back to when me and my brother were younger.

Giabella Designs said...

Believe it or not, my mother hung out with Deney Terio in Ft. Lauderdale "back in the day". She is 64 I think. She was a hot babe in her 20's and used to go out to all the clubs in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area.......Remember the Solid Gold dancers? All om my friends and I wanted to be!

Pretty Ditty said...

Oh yeah, solid gold dancers. Crazy fun. How funny that your mom hung out with Deney. She must have some good stories =) said...

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