March 16, 2009

Bee and a giveaway

This is Bee and she can give some serious looks. She is very sweet and nice, but confident enough to tell a guy to back off. Just because she's a blonde in a red sun dress, doesn't mean she likes cat calls (wert whirl).

Maybe she kinda likes them just a little bit =)
I love red shiny purses! I wish I could make a purse for myself out of paper clay and paint it bright red. As for the dress, I used the same dress pattern from the kit, but I cut the neck line to be more square shaped. The raw edges are finished with a rolled hem stitch. If you don't have an overlock machine, you can finish the raw edges by hand stitching a blanket stitch or satin stitch with embroidery thread. The bottom of the dress is finished with white bias tape.

Bee will be available for purchase in the Pretty Ditty shop this afternoon.
edit: she is up in the shop!

*** The Giveaway ***

Last Friday, I mentioned something about a giveaway with a twist. The giveaway is at The Crafty Crow and it's for 2 Pretty Ditty Peg Doll kits. Yippee! I believe the giveaway will close next Saturday, so feel free to click on over there and enter to win.



Jacqueline said...

Bee is soo adorable! I love love her red dress and little bag! Lovely work as always! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you and yours!

Pretty Ditty said...

Thanks Jacqueline. A happy day to you too.

GoyaDesigns said...

I just came up with a corny idea. I've decided to make Peg all of you're little ladies middle name and Doll all of their last name. For instance, Bee Peg Doll, initials BPD. Jessica Peg is still a cutie I'm admiring.


lucky knitter said...

I love Bee's details. Her hands, pocket book, and dress. So great!