February 17, 2009

Just keep swimming.

Whoo wee, this week is off to a busy start. From business stuff to kids stuff... lots of kids stuff, I feel like a 4 year old learning to swim in the big pool. Do you remember when Dori from the movie Nemo sang "just keep swimming, just keep swimming?" That tune keeps playing over and over in my head. It brings a smile to my face and lightens the mood while I swim =)

I wanted to show you some new Alexander Henry fabric that just arrived in the shop.

Las Chiquitas in red, black, and tea.
This fabric totally speaks to my inner rebellious child. Inner rebellious child - that reminds me of when I was young.....er, I use to love the name Jezebel. For those of you who don't know, Jezebel was an extremely evil woman of the Bible. When I was really bad and rebellious my Mom would tell me I was acting like a Jezebel, which is basically Christianese for the B word (Don't feel bad for me... she was right. Plus, I tease her about it all the time.). It didn't bug me because I liked the name and thought it was rather pretty. I somehow missed the sermon on how evil Miss Jezebel was. I always thought to myself "When I have a daughter I'm going to name her Jezebel." I know. My poor mother. Eventually, I read how evil this woman was and came to my senses =) However, I do like skull fabric!

My other fabric news is I have Sandi Henderson fabric on sale from 30% to 40% off!

Lastly, all of the Peg doll kits have shipped. Thank you so much for the nice comments, emails, and kit purchases. I am looking forward to seeing your peg doll creations. On my To Do list is to start a Pretty Ditty flickr group, where you can share your bird cages, love birds, peg dolls, and anything you've made with one of my tutorials. I get so inspired by your creations.

Off I go... just keep swimming, just keep swimming.



Jacqueline said...

Jamie, i totally remember when Dori from the movie Nemo sang "just keep swimming, just keep swimming?" Now this tune keeps playing in my head too. hehe Those skull fabrics are totally cute! I love the red one lots.

Yay so happy to know that the peg doll kits have been shipped! Thank you for making such a wonderful fun kit for everyone to enjoy! I can't wait to work on them. Im also excited about pretty ditty flickr group...sounds like FUN to be able to share and see creations created from your tutotials...love this idea!

Have a lovely merry happy day!! Love to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

For a time in my life, Dori's little ditty was my motto. It's such a catchy tune and like you, just thinking about it made me smile :D

So Jez... I mean Jamie - just keep swimming and keep your head above the water!


PS. GREAT skull fabric.

Pretty Ditty said...

Missy - that was funny =)

GoyaDesigns said...

The flickr group sounds like great fun. The skull fabric is fun too, now that I'm over my skull phobia. Remember that?