February 18, 2009

New aprons and a Flickr group!


... and the half apron Tiger.  I miss making half aprons.  I sort of forgot about them until I was looking at the Tiger on the Flower fabric and said to myself "this should be a half apron." I'm glad I talk to myself, because I like the apron ;)  All of the aprons are up in the shop.

Lastly, I started a flickr group called Pretty Ditty Show and Tell.  If you have made something from one of my tutorials, patterns, or kits, I would love for you to join the group and share your creation.  Currently, I'm the only one in the group.  It's just me with my rotary cutter.... waiting.... hoping....(sniff).... that someone will want to join my group.  Ahhh - it's high school all over again! 
 Seriously, do feel free to join, share, be inspired and inspire others.



luvinthemommyhood said...

I love aprons and I love these aprons. The world is a happier place with aprons like these in it. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jacqueline said...

Jamie, these new aprons are sooo pretty!! Gorgeous work! I joined your flickr group hehe i have nothing to share yet but i hope it won't be long till im able to share something with everyone there!

Have a lovely merry day! Love to you!

GoyaDesigns said...

Just joined and Show and Tell group, and posted a pix.


Pretty Ditty said...

Thank you all for joining and complimenting my aprons.

Gloria - Your lamp shade looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

do you sell a sewing pattern for these aprons!??! I love your creations! You are so talented!

jennifer j s

Pretty Ditty said...

Jennifer - Not yet. There is a pattern in the works. I can't really give a time frame, but when I feel confident enough to announce a time frame, I will do so on my blog.

It's good to know there is interest =)


Sharaze said...

Hi! I know this is waaaay late to this post but I was just looking at all your beautiful aprons. I was wondering what the fabric for the bouquet apron is? It's so vibrant!

Pretty Ditty said...

Hi Sharaze! The fabric is by Heather Bailey and it's called Rose Bouquet.

Thanks =)