December 19, 2008

Fiona and Merry Christmas


This is Fiona, my first clothespin doll. I really enjoyed making her. I had seen clothespin dolls in the past and resisted the urge to make one, but it wasn't until I came across Sweet Imaginations dolls that made me go to Michaels and buy the supplies. I did find it challenging to make teeny tiny clothes for a doll with no hips (isn't that what Abercrombie does?). I will have to work on that. The apple fabric is from a sun dress of mine, which according to my sister, makes me look like Minnie Mouse (i wore the dress with black leggings). She was right, but it totally works for Fiona.

Fiona (back)

Next week is going to be busy with Christmas and all. Plus, my kids are out of school for the next 2 weeks (yikes) and my husband is off from work (double yikes). I don't think I will be able to blog for the next week or two. So, I want to wish you all a joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Remember to be specific with the resolutions. For example, you can't just say "I want to lose 10 pounds." If losing weight is the resolution, specifically resolve to eliminate sugar, or to walk 40 minutes every other day.

Clothespin doll

Peace to you my friends.



kangaroo said...

what a timely post (for me, anyway)...little b's first birthday is monday and i want to make him a series of these dolls. perhaps not as fashion forward as fiona, but this is beautiful inspiration! happy holidays!

Pamelamama said...

Sending you happy holiday wishes! Thanks for your beautiful and cheerful blog. Thank you for my fabulous apron collection!

Melanie O said...

Fiona is wonderful! Have a great holiday!

bobbinoggin said...

your clothespin doll is DARLING! i want one! :)

Merry Christmas Pretty Ditty. said...

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