April 10, 2008

A Doll Making Day

I finished my first of what will soon be many Black Apple Dolls. I have been admiring Emily Martin's dolls for some time now and was thrilled to find out she was on Martha demonstrating how to make these cuties. Above is my first attempt and me likesy a lot. The pattern was very easy to follow. It's such a basic pattern that allows you room for creativity. I have never considered myself a painter, but I was pleasantly surprised with how the face turned out. Secretly, I've always wanted to be a painter. That, or a DJ =) My DJ name would be MC J-me (yeah yeah wha wha). OK, back to reality. For the face I went to Emily's sight and studied her doll faces and voila! A Betty was born.

However, there is more to this doll making experience story. It has to do with a sweet little 5 yr old who for the sake of privacy will go by the name of Evie (i like that name). Evie and I spent yesterday together making dolls. I had this day planned for some time now and was very excited for this bonding experience. As I was cutting out the patterns Evie informed me that she would like a Mermaid doll. Hmmm, a Mermaid doll... OK... not really what I was thinking. Evie "really, really, really" wanted one so I told her I would try. She then requested coconut circles for the top. My response..."Yeah about the circles around the boobies... that ain't gonna happen girl. Try again!" After much debating, and some compromising on both ends, we settled on a bathing suit top.

After I sewed the mermaid together I found myself really liking her. She came together quite nicely and now all she needed was a face. That's where the story gets ugly. Little Evie wanted to paint the face herself and I was fine with that. After all, it was not my doll but hers (i had to keep reminding myself of this). She did a great job sketching the face on with a pencil and had begun painting the face when her older brother (6 yrs old) came in and volunteered to help. Evie was so kind and agreed to let him paint a little. Well, he decided to put yellow eyebrows on Ariel. This devastated Evie and on her own, without me knowing (i was into my doll) she, in her own words, "X'd" the eyebrows out. Here's the finished...uh...doll.


I secretly refer to her as Goth Ariel. Here's how the rest of the conversation with Evie went:

Me: Please don't cry. I can make you another one.

Evie: (sobbing) OK but can you make all of the princesses? I would like Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Jasmine. Can you put earrings on them too?

Me: (in a panic) Hey, is that a monkey in the backyard? Let's go check it out.


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