February 4, 2008

Valentine's Day Idea List



  • Felted Fortune Cookies with a Valentine message inside or something sweet.

  • Folding Hearts Valentine card.
  • You can do this craft with a little one. Trace his or her hand on three sheets of Valentine themed paper. Write little messages on the tips of each finger. Cut out the hand tracing. Wrap the base with string and attach it to a straw. The more flowers you make the bigger the bouquet.

More ideas

  • A personalized romance novel.
  • Make a Valentine board game. Draw a grid of 5 rows with 5 squares in each row (25 squares total). Write in each square something romantic to do such as Grant one wish, Say something complimentary, Make out, Go back three spaces because you've been naughty, anyways you get the point. Now roll the dice and have fun =)

  • Make a BIG Valentine's Day card and use candy wrappers for words. For example: You're my Sugar Daddy. All my hugs and Kisses belong to you. My heart goes Abba Zabba for you.
  • You can get all of your Valentine cards a US Postal "Loveland" postmark through the Loveland, Colorado city's re-mailing program. Simply, mail your addressed cards in a larger envelope to:


Attention Valentines

Loveland, Co 80538-9998

Once received, the Loveland post office will dress your Valentine cards up with special Valentine themed stamps along with their postmark, then off it goes to your sweetheart. This way your special someone will know that your valentine thought comes all the way from, you guessed it, Loveland.

That concludes the Valentine's day idea list. Thank you for your great ideas.


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lil urchin said...

Hey Jamie,

Great ideas..thanks for sharing them. I think I will adopt a couple. You have a great blog. I check it all the time. I would compare you to Erma Bobeck...a very funny lady sorely missed!

Lil Urchin