February 6, 2008

Shop Talk

I've been busy with apron orders, however I've managed to make a couple of sweet little Ditties for the shop.

My camera has been acting kinda funny lately. Not the good funny, but the bad evil funny that makes you say really bad words. I must have taken over 200 pics of the aprons above. All I want is a white wall, not beige, off white, or grey. Just white! I know the aperture, light reflection, and shutter speed can affect the pic, but please... a little consistency. I hope the "camera people" invent a voice command camera soon. I purpose it to function something like this: "Camera on! Background white! Remove dark circles under eyes, add tan, and take off 10 lbs." I guess I'll have to wait for that special camera. In the mean time, I'll try to talk politely to my camera =). The aprons should be up and singing in the shop sometime this evening.


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