February 1, 2008

Homeland Security

Home-girl knows she's not allowed to sleep on the couch. She's our Homeland Security, however she never woke-up while I was taking this picture, flash and all. The funny thing is, not only is her tongue hanging out, and her legs spread eagle, but she snores louder than my husband. In case you're wondering, no she hasn't had pups. They're just swollen like that. My niece once asked "does she have utters?"

On another note, I wanted to put a call out to anyone with good Valentine's day ideas. For example, last year I gave my husband a Valentine titled 100 things I love about you. That's right folks, I wrote down 100 things I hearted about my man. I recommend giving yourself a week or more to find 100 things you love about your Valentine =). I know, I know, it would be much easier to find 100 things that kinda bug me about you. My friends and I joked that it would be like "got a pen and paper... there, done! Oh, did you say 100? My bad, here let me erase the extra 50 on the list." Seriously, that's why it was so good for me to do the 100 things I love about you. It was similar to my project 365, because it made me stop and take notice of every little detail I love about my husband. OK all together now "Ahhhhhhhhh isn't that sweet." Anyways, I shared an idea with you, so now it's your turn. You can email your ideas to apronstreet at yahoo dot com, or post the idea as a comment. I love it when you comment. I like dialogue and encourage it. I will post a list of Valentine ideas on Monday.


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