January 10, 2008

Something New And Something Blue

There's a new little Ditty singin in the shop today. "Song" is one of my favorites. It reminds me of how much fun it is to be a girl. I may have to turn it into a sun dress when Summer is here.

This lil apron is a newbie. I've made quite a few "mini me" aprons, but I haven't put any in the shop yet. My only problem is that my "model" is a size 6/7 and the apron fits a size 2 to 4/5. I do have a "model" within that size range, however I would have to cross dress him. His father is a Football coach, so I'll probably pass on that idea. Plus, I don't want a knock on my door 20 yrs from now with a 22 year old man blaming me for his problems because I dressed him in a girls apron for one dang picture. All jokes aside, it is a super cute apron and it's reversible. As soon as I figure out the"model" situation I'll get it up in the shop.



abue said...

i love this "newbie" without a model, jamie! love your blog! "you go girl" !!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

Anna Maria said...

Your designs are beautiful and congrats on starting the blog. Thanks for adding me to your roll, and I;ll look forward to checking back in on you. Once I get this 16 ton book weight off my head.
Also love your business name.

tricia-rennea said...

What amazingly beautiful work!
You are so talented and I love your blog!