January 9, 2008


Isn't this fabric delicious?! It's been sitting in my stash waiting for its debut. Now, it's time for it to come out and be what it's suppose to be... a Pretty Ditty apron. It will be up in the shop in a couple of days.

Speaking of apples, I'm lovin The Black Apple's etsy shop. Her art makes me want to cut my hair and get long bangs that almost hang over my left eye. Hmmm I'll have to think about that one=). Anyways, I got this sweet print from Emily's shop. I love the striped stockings, polka dot shirt and of course her bangs. The bird has such a quiet strength about it as it carries the peaceful little girl to dream land. That's my expert interpretation of it. If you're interested in Emily's art grab it quick. All of the prints I "hearted" are gone!!!

Lastly, I finished a "Song Full Lola apron". It should be up in the shop tomorrow.


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