January 18, 2008

Show And Tell

Last Christmas, I made this purse for my mom. I obviously like the fabric and color combination, being that it's the same fabric used in the apron in my banner. The pattern is called An Everyday Bag by Favorite Things. The purse features two exterior pockets on each side of the bag, and two pockets inside. The one problem when making the bag was with the loop (closure). It didn't want to stay looped around the button. My mom sewed the loop smaller which solved the problem. Had I thought of this solution, I would have picked a matching thread, but "that's OK mom". =)

Despite the mismatched thread, my mom recently exhibited her creative abilities by making me this beautiful Kimono bath robe for Christmas. The pattern is from Amy Butler's book In Stitches. She lined the robe with lavender flannel, which makes it cozy and extremely difficult to get dressed for the day.

This reminds me of when I was younger and how my mom would make most of my clothes. It's funny how as a child you don't truly appreciate that sort of stuff. I always thought we were too poor to buy stuffed animals and clothes. We certainly weren't "well to do," however now I realize she didn't "have to" make my clothes, she wanted too. How blessed I was and still am. Now, when I find anything she made for me as a child, I grab it. I cherish it. It's priceless.



Heather said...

She's a keeper!

That bag is great, and I love the robe she made you. It's beautiful!

jess said...

oooh, a flannel-lined kimono! your mom really loves you :)

Dawn said...

The bag you made for your mother is so lovely! I really like sewing with Kokka/Echino fabric -- they have such fun prints. That polka dot fabric really makes it stand out too.

p.s. Thanks for sharing your amazing bird cage tutorial. I can't wait to try it. You have a true creative gift!

Sílvia Magali Lossavaro said...

I am Brazilian girl and I liked your purse, it's wonderful...
Please send me your tutorial.
Thanks, Magali.
My e-mail is smloss@hotmail.com

ILikePaperCutting said...

gorgeous, I am a beginner in sewing.