January 21, 2008

Sweet Southern Comfort

The Road To California Quilt Show was in town this past weekend, and I, along with my mom and aunt, got a chance to attend this visual feast. The talent exhibited at the show is beyond words, so I will just have to show you.

Canopy by Gloria Loughman

Kimberly Mysitic by Gloria Loughman

Mum At Dusk by Letitia Chung

Masai Family Portrait by Grace Errea

As if having the opportunity to see these quilts wasn't enough, I also had the privilege to meet EllynAnne Geisel, the author of The Apron Book. EllynAnne is so beautiful, and as southern sweet as they come. Her love and knowledge of aprons could open anyone's eyes to the beauty and nostalgia aprons possess. I can picture myself sitting on a porch during a hot summer night drinking sweet tea, while listening to EllynAnne tell stories of the history behind each of her vintage aprons. To me aprons are similar to quilts in that both share the unique characteristic of being art that comforts. Quilts not only soothe the eye and warm the soul, but they also comfort the body. Aprons, in the way they are composed and how they tell a story, are pieces of art. They express comfort by the purposes for which they were made.

EllynAnne and yours truly


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