October 15, 2008

Photography and Blogging

Today, I thought I'd share with you a couple of photo/blogging links that I find useful. If you're like me (not fluent in the language of HTML), you probably find it difficult to break free from the basic photography editing tools and the generic blogging templates. If that's you too, below are a few links that I have found extremely helpful in these areas.

First of all, while it's important to have a good photo editing software program, it's equally important to also understand everything your software is capable of doing. I have Photoshop Elements 6, and I've found the Learn Elements Now online tutorials to be very helpful. You have to pay for the tutorials, but it's money well spent (for me at least). Fortunately for me, these tutorials were clear and thorough with their instructions. Here are some links to both Photoshop and Elements tutorial programs:

and blog

and blog

Digital Scrap-booking

Digital scrap-booking is a great way to dress up photos, make photo albums, and make a blog banner. I used Shabby Miss Jenn digital scrap-booking gear to dress up my banner. Here are three links to my most favorite digital scrap-booking shops.

All of the shops offer blog banner gear. Also, be sure to check out their tutorials. I learned how to photo tent (used in the above pic) by using this tutorial by The Shabby Shoppe.

Photography Lighting

Storbist has a great tutorial on how to make a light box for under $10. This can be useful for both a blog and an etsy shop. It's always nice to capture good lighting when you're trying to show off a product or craft.

Blog How To's

Lastly, these next two sites have everything you need in regards to customizing your blog, from how to make your own background to turning your 2 column blog into a 3 column blog.

I hope these links make blogging and photography just as enjoyable for you as they did for me.
AND if you have any suggestions for me, I'm all ears, as I am still a newbie =).


GoyaDesigns said...

Thanks Jamie,
I truly appreciate all the info and links on blog. I will definitely use these resources when I'm ready to begin my own blog (after exam). I'm still preparing for my exam, so everything else in my life is on hold. That's why I haven't checked out your blog lately :(


Pretty Ditty said...

I am very excited to hear you are going to start a blog.

I'll be praying for you to pass your exam =)

Melanie O said...

Thanks for putting this together - a lot of great information!

amberlynne said...

Hey Jamie! It's Amber (from O'side) :-) Okay, I just started a blog and your mom told me about your fabulous site! So I am using your tips to spice up my new site. It is so sad and black right now! I am adding you to my list of favorite blogs when I figure out how to do it! LOL! I am going to order a couple of aprons for Christmas too! I LOVE them!!! So here is my site, www.ramblingoften.blogspot.com

Pretty Ditty said...

Amberlynne - I checked out your site and your first post is so funny. You're a natural blogger.

Anonymous said...

Came over from Custom Joy. Gorgeous photo! ( I love shooting flowers, which you can see on my blog.) Lots of great links here too!
:) Robin
cinnamon & honey

Anonymous said...

I recently started a blog to showcase my embroidery projects and am looking forward to putting the tips and info in this post to great use!! Thanks for the time you took to share this info. That is just a beautiful photo, by the way.

Pretty Ditty said...

Glenda - Thank you and I am going to have to check out your embroidery blog. I could use a few good tips =)