October 29, 2008

My new toy

This past Monday, I attended the International Textile Show, not to be confused with the International Quilt Market, which was last weekend. The International Textile Show is in Los Angeles and features exhibitors that represent textiles, trims, accessories, and designs from all over the world. Three of my favorite manufacturers were there: Alexander Henry, Michael Miller, and Robert Kaufman. The Alexander Henry showroom had me at HELLO. I'm very excited about all of the up and coming prints from the Alexander Henry collection. I think I placed my biggest order yet with AH. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics for you all. My mind was in a fabric frenzy and it wasn't until afterward that I thought about sharing my finds. Sorry:(

However, I do have to share with you a new toy I bought (that's what she said). As my mom and I turned a corner on the way out, my eyes suddenly had tunnel vision and
zeroed in on the Gold Star Tool booth. It was as if the entire booth was illuminated with a bright light and an angelic choir singing aaaah in the background. There, stood a man of fairly large stature, cutting fabric with an electric rotary cutter. The layers of fabric he could cut at one time was unfathomable for me to imagine had I not seen it first hand. David the rep, asked me if I wanted to give it a try. In a trance like state, I walked over and gave it a try. The electric cutter sliced through the fabric like butter. David was already packing one up and writing a receipt for me before I ever committed to buying it. Normally this would annoy me, but I was hooked like a newborn to it's Mama. He knew it and I knew it. Plus, he gave me a good deal ;).

There she is... Bessy.

Now, I can cut multiple apron pieces at one time, fat quarter bundles in just a couple of swoops, and I can swiftly cut the selvage off of my sewing projects to save for my selvage project. Very thrilling indeed! Yes, I will be careful as to not accidentally swoop off a finger.

Before I run off looking for more fabric to cut, I wanted to announce that I will be having a FREAKY Friday fabric giveaway on Halloween this Friday. So be sure to tune in!



Bobbinoggin said...

holy schnappers that thing looks mondo! be careful. we don't want Ditty to be missing any fingers! {:o]

Pretty Ditty said...

That's funny =)

Anonymous said...

I wonder how it is on accuracy. I mean is it easy to not go straight because of the speed or the wurr of the motor? Is it consistent with pressure of it's own or do you, like the normal rotary cutters, have to put your own weight on it resulting in having a little section here or there that didn't get cut all the way through?

Pretty Ditty said...

It's pretty accurate and takes turns quite easily. It does take some getting use to. The only complaint thus far is that I can't use my ruler. You have to mark the fabric with some sort of disappearing ink if you want a guide for cutting.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you could have cut the fabric instead of marking the line to cut and would have already been done the manual way. I think I'll stick to my plain old rotary cutter. And because I tend to cut my fingers easily it's probably safer for me than a motorized finger chopper offer, lol. I guess it's good for multiple layers of fabric which I never do.

minimomma said...

I'm thinking of getting one of these to use for making my cloth diapers. But I'm curious, how tight of a corner can it cut? And is it hard to keep the layers of fabric from shifting around? Any tips you have for choosing one would be really appreciated as I'll be buying it online (no stores around me carry anything like this)

Pretty Ditty said...

Hi Minimomma. I tried to see if you have an email address linked to your profile and you don't. I will go ahead an answer your question here, but if you want to go into more detail, you can email me at apronstreet@yahoo.com.

I LOVE it. It really does cut fabric like butter. It can cut multiple layers of fabric with no shifting. The way I use it is by marking one layer of fabric with my pattern and then I will cut through several layers using the top marked pattern as my guide. The cutter handles curves quite well, but if I have to turn a corner, I do have to cut past the corner about 1/2" and then turn. You have to allow room for the metal piece underneath.

I don't regret the purchase one bit, but I also don't cut diapers. It may be different, not sure. You may want to make sure the company you purchase from has a return policy, just in case =) Please feel free to email me if you have more questions.

Weaveron Textile said...

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