September 26, 2008

The winners are....

Congratulations Angie (sketchbook in green), Lani Robertson (apple dot in green), and Giabella Designs (Zesty Zinnia). The Random Number Generator has found favor with all three of you fabric lovers. You are now the proud owners of some funky, fresh, phat fabric. I will get in touch with the winners to arrange for shipping. If you (the winners) did not leave contact info in your comment, please contact me at phatfabric[at] As for the rest of my fabric friends, I have something for you. I don't want anyone going away sad, therefore, I have a 10% off any order over $20 coupon for you! Yes, the 10% off coupon can be used for sale items as well. The coupon is valid through September 29, 2008 (ends this Monday) . All you have to do is enter the coupon code prettyditty (one word, no spaces) at check out. Thank you to everyone who participated in this give-away. I love the comments and feedback. I've mentioned to several friends that it's never fun to hear an echo after a post =)

*Updates and Announcements*

Ebay Shop
I've had a few inquiries as to whether or not I will keep my shop on eBay. As of right now, my plans are to stay on eBay, but my focus is on my new online store. For example, the coupon will only apply to my new store, and the Starlings fabric is only available in my new store.

In previous posts I mentioned the idea of starting a new blog specifically for Phat I have decided to not create a Phat Fabric blog and instead link this blog to That means sewing projects, new arrivals, and fabric give-aways will be announced and/or hosted here at

Photo Gallery
If you have made something with fabric from, I would love it if you emailed me a pic of your creation. I plan on creating a Phat Fabric Flickr group in order to showcase your projects.

Lastly, I will have one more Grand opening, apron give-away on Monday! I already know what question I want to ask=) Have a great weekend!



GoyaDesigns said...

Congrats to the winners! Happy sewing.
Thanks Jamie for your fun giveaways!.

Giabella Designs said...

In the words of John McLain in Die Hard, YIPPE KI YAY! I just love the Zinnia fabric! Thank you and I plan on trying the lounge pants pattern in Amy Butler's In Stitches book.

Thanks again!

Sue Ann

Giabella Designs said...

I need to send you my address but when I try to e-mail you, it wont go thru.