April 28, 2008

A sunny day to remember

Ahhh, relaxation - priceless.


That's not snow on the rocks.


Where's Waldo?

Yesterday, we went to Corona Del Mar Beach. This beach is special to me for several reasons. This is the beach my parents met each other 39 years ago. This is the beach I spent most of my weekends cartwheeling and flipping up and down the shoreline as a little girl. This is the beach my Pop, a surfer, taught me how to body board. Lastly, this is the beach my Mom taught me the importance of properly laying the toilet paper on public restroom toilets, so as not to get any coodies. As I grew and became taller, she taught me how to avoid the toilet all together by using the, what I like to call, the hover technique. This would explain why I have such muscular quads thus earning me the middle school nick name - quadzilla. At least I never had any cooties.

My husband and I have this thing where we rate houses by how many cups of coffee we would drink in the morning if we lived there.



Good thing I don't live in any of these beauties, because I would probably be hospitalized for caffeine overdose.