April 23, 2008


A new apron for the shop. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors! This fabric combo makes my eyes feel good! The art work in this print is amazing. The sea dragons have great detail work and I love how they slither through the water. The red accent is just the right shade of red to pop against the teals and blues in this apron. Love it!

Another piece of cloth that I am loving is this beautiful sun dress from, you guessed it, Anthropologie.

It's on sale, but not on sale enough for me =( In a couple of days, I'm going to see The Drowning Men play, and I wish I had this purdy little sun dress to wear. I haven't been out in a looooooong time so I'm clueless as to what is the appropriate attire. A sun dress is probably too casual and "sunny" to wear, but I just want an excuse to buy it. I guess I'll have to dust off the black pleather pants, leopard print tube top, and black choker from my open in case of emergency box. However, I did notice the date on the box is 1993... hmmm... OK, I'll leave the choker at home.



Giabella Designs said...

You would look adorable in that dress! You could probably make it. It looks alot like the aprons you make! Too bad you don't make patterns, I would love to learn how to make an apron like yours!

Pretty Ditty said...

I am determined to come up with a sun dress pattern for the summer and I am playing around with the idea of making patterns for purchase. If I do, I will make a shop announcement. However, I'm not sure, yet. I'm going to show my husband your comment, you know, the "adorable" part. I hope that will convince him that the dress and I belong together =) Thanks for the compliment.

Miranda said...

I love the combination of aqua and red. That apron is beautiful.

P.S. That dress is on sale now :)