March 21, 2008

Guess who I met in LA?

Yesterday, I went to the LA Fashion District and took care of some "business" stuff. It was time well spent and I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, that's not what I want to write about. After trudging through all of the fabric and trim shops, my husband and I decided to go to The Grove for dinner and shopping (my husband didn't know about the shopping part).

Since, I'm currently studying to be an expert of all Anthropologie stores, I had to stop by the one at The Grove and do a little "research." After trying on much of the stores merchandise, I decided I needed a little study break. Plus, my husband was starting to clue in to the fact that my intentions of going to The Grove were never to eat but to shop. On our way out, my husband says to me "Hey, that's that one guy from American Idol." I turned and there he was, Jason Castro! Ironically, I wrote about Jason a couple of posts back. Now, please understand, I have seen celebrities before and I have never felt the impulsive urge to approach them, let alone try to take a picture of them. This celebrity citing was different, because I had just mentioned Jason in my blog. Let's over-look the fact that I sort-of dissed him by writing about how I liked my brother's version of Hallelujah better. Anyways, I couldn't think of a way to take a picture with him without looking "psycho teeny bopper fannish," so my "too cool to drool" instincts won over and we left the store. As we were walking outside of the store I said to my husband, "There is no way I'm going to let this moment/blog opportunity pass me by." So we turned around and went back into the store. It is important to note that I had just spent a considerable amount of time inside and by now, I do believe, all of the sales clerks knew who I was (the try on everything, but don't buy it annoying person). Once we were in, I had spent a few minutes stalking...I mean...following Jason around trying to think of a way to get a pic. Briefly, I thought about hiding in the middle of one of those circular clothing racks, and then taking his pic just as he passed by. Thankfully I realized that would be a little to Paparazzi-ish. Plus, by this time, a particular sales lady was tracking us. My husband told me it looked like I was about to steal something. So once again, we left with no pic. When we left the store we had walked in the wrong direction to the restaurant and had to turn around. As we were passing Anthropologie, what do you know... Jason Castro was walking out. Without hesitation, I went up to him, tapped him on his shoulder, he turned around, and I introduced myself. I then went on to tell him how I wrote about his performance in my blog (omitting the part about liking my brother's version better). He was so kind and......

I got my picture =)

The funny thing is, after the picture, my husband spotted the LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and for the rest of the time at The Grove we had, what I call, "almost celebrity sightings." We would see a tan blond woman with a little dog and say "I think that's Britney" or "Hey, isn't that that one guy from that one movie?" I know, we're pathetic but we had fun.

I will try to refrain from writing about celebrity stuff. I must stay focused on crafty things, but when they fall in my lap like this particular incident... how can I resist. Have a Happy Easter. He is risen!



Lojolauk said...

Wow, lucky you! Was Jason as sweet in person as he seems on TV? I would bet he was.

Pretty Ditty said...

He was genuine and humble. Definitely sweet! I hope he wins =)

Mckenzie Sanft said...

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