March 10, 2008


What is it about Red that makes it so provocative? Red refuses to be ignored. It says "I'm here whether you like it or not!" You know what...? I like it. I especially like the way red pops when coupled with turquoise. This fabric block will soon be part of a lap quilt for my living room couch. I love the idea of someone reading the quilt like they would a newspaper. The newspaper fabric is called Headliners. I would link it to a fabric store, but currently I can't find a store that carries the fabric.

Continuing with Headliners, how good was Jason Castro's American Idol performance of Hallelujah? Pretty dang good! But I have to tell you... I think Nato Wolfgang's version of Hallelujah may be better. Yes, he is my brother, but even when I check my instinctual sibling bias, I think his rendition of Hallelujah is.... well.... I can't even find the the right words to express how good it is. You can check it out Nato's version here (click on Hallelujah).


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