June 22, 2009

New Phat Fabric International shipping catagory

Oh happy day!
I'm very excited to announce a new shipping category recently added to the Phat Fabric shipping options. We are now able to offer 1st class International shipping. This will allow all International fabric friends to buy 1 yard of fabric and not have to pay for the International flat rate priority envelope (10.50 Canada and 12.50 International).

The option of choosing First Class shipping can dramatically reduce the shipping charges. For instance, shipping rates for 1 yard of quilting weight fabric would cost $4.00 (usd) to Canada and only $7.50 (usd) for all other international locations. Or, you can still choose the speediness of Priority mail. The upside to Priority mail is the shorter shipment time, but the savings that First Class mail offers can certainly make it worth the wait.

The new shipping charges are also applied to all sewing patterns...like mine! First Class shipping charges for one Pretty Ditty apron pattern to Canada is $3.05 and $5.00 to all other International locations. First Class shipping rates are applicable for up to 12 ounces in shipment weight. Shipments above 12 ounces will continue to be shipped Priority mail.

I'm seriously a little dizzy (in a good way) about the new shipping option, because it's always bugged me to only offer to ship Priority to my International friendlies. Now, if I could figure out a way to get myself in one those envelopes heading off to Greece I'd be really happy =)




Colleen said...

I'm not an international customer but I just received the fabric and pattern to make Honey Girl. I am very excited!!!

Pretty Ditty said...

Oh I'm so excited for the both of us! I really, really hope you like the patten =)

lucky knitter said...

I just received the apron pattern. It is beautiful Jamie! Nice work. I can't wait to make one.

azura said...

Hi! I'm from Malaysia. I love the new shipping rates! But I could not find my country in the list @ Phat Fabrics. Do you ship to Malaysia? I usually purchase fabrics through etsy without problems. Thank you.

Putrajaya, Malaysia

Pretty Ditty said...

Lucky Knitter - I hope you will show me pics of it when you are finished.

Hi Azura! I just updated my "ship to" country list so that it now includes Malaysia. Thanks for asking =)

Wolf family said...

I am so excited for you! You have done an amazing job with all of this...congrats! I feel like I have a famous friend :)

We leave on Monday so I wanted to drop you a quick note before we do. I check in here often and will continue to do so. Again, so happy for you. Please let us know if business ever brings you to Texas!

With Love,

azura said...

Hi jamie! Just wanna let you know the fabrics have arrived safely in Malaysia. Love it!! Thank you for excellent service. Cheers!

Putrajaya, Malaysia

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