March 13, 2009

Free bird project and Randomness

Nothing like a free bird project to welcome spring (click here for the free paper bird downloads). Today feels like spring with the birds singing, sun shining, and my shy, pasty, white feet in flip flops. My kids and I are going to make paper birds this weekend from the Nani Bird website. I did a test run of the project by making the above bird. It passed the test =) I really enjoy projects with my kids that are both challenging and rewarding. When a project is too easy, they don't appreciate the end result as much as when they use their problem solving skills to achieve the much anticipated end result. I also like to make sure the project is at a skill level they can accomplish. If it is too difficult, we all end up frustrated and defeated in the end. The paper birds will be just fine for us.

*** Phat Fabric news***

The Panda Print in leaf is back in stock. I have had a few emails asking me when I would restock this fabric. Also, I have the Panda Print in lemon in stock.


~ There will be a Pretty Ditty giveaway with a twist next week. By twist, I mean the giveaway will not be on this blog. Oh the suspense!
~ I will soon anounce a new bulk discount program at Phat Fabric.
~ I am very inspired by this post about cultivating curiosity.
~ I want to make and wear these pins.
~ I think I may have invented a new workout.... treadmill dancing. It's a good thing I don't know how to upload video on You Tube, because I would totally upload video of me treadmill dancing, link it, and regret it.
~ Yoga pants are meant for yoga and not running or treadmill dancing. Trust me. I know ;)
~ The time change really hurt me!
~ Lastly, my friend Kate has opened an etsy shop called Feltology. She makes the most awesomeness coffee and tea sleeves out of upcycled wool. The bird on a branch is one of my favorites!




Danner said...

I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Jacqueline said...

I love that bird! Thank you for sharing th pattern! Yay im looking forward to your giveaway! I wonder what's the twist here..hehe Thank for sharing the inspired post and yes your friend Kate does mae lovely items!
Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you and yours!