January 22, 2009

The Road to California Quilt Show

Rather than write about how beautiful all of the quilts were at The Road to California Quilt Show, I thought it best to show you.

Untamed Splendor by Gina Perkes

Dessert Bloom by Monica Troy

Windfall by Carol Taylor

Look What I Caught by Laurie Britt.  Laurie Britt is new to quilting. As in 2 years new.  Amazing!  The technique used was raw edge applique.

A close up of the cute little fairy on the dragon's tail.

Spring Break by Joanell Connolly

Flower Garden by Lynn Woll

This quilt is called Cigar Quilt, and it's from the 1890's.  I thought of Jodi from Vintage Ric Rac and her beautiful selvedge dress.  I think she would appreciate this quilt.

Another highlight of the show was the array of vendors.  One particular vendor, Bird Brain Designs, carried a wide assortment of wool roving and needle felting supplies.  I have been on the look out for needle felting supplies every since I viewed Yu Yu Art's Cutie Girls.  Aren't they cute?!  She has an etsy shop too.  Up until Yu Yu Art came along, I have never had the slightest itch to start needle felting, and now I feel as though I have a serious case of needle felting poison ivy.  



copperseal said...

the Spring Break quilt is super cute! your eyes must've had a field day!

Pretty Ditty said...

Indeed they did!

Kate said...

I always find quilt shows to be very inspirational and at the same time completely overwhelming (but in a good way). Thanks for sharing some fantastic quilts!

Molly said...

If you could have heard me I'm sure it sounded like I had some kind of respiratory difficulty as I kept gasping at each new photo, lol.
Absolutely gorgeous quilts!

Jodie said...

Oh yes - exactly right !! I love it and all its aged wrinkly writing - quilt heaven for me....

yatesspain.blogspot.com said...

What exactly you're writing is a horrible mistake.

www.ventaxcatalogo.com said...

The chap is completely right, and there's no skepticism.

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