January 16, 2009

New Alexander Henry fabric in the shop!

A couple of posts back, I wrote something about not being an owl person. I'm going to have to take that back. The good people of Alexander Henry fabrics have changed my mind. Once again, they did a fabulous job with the color selection on all of the new fabrics. I simply love the owls! I can't stop looking at them, they make my eyes feel goooood. How about the Inky Wings fabric? Who would have thought insects could look so non-juvenile on a fabric. A 50's inspired sun dress would look great with Inky Wings.  I'm proud to say that all of these fabrics are available in the shop.

If you happen to be in the Southern California area between today and Sunday, you will have to stop by the Ontario Convention Center to check out California's major quilt show Road to California. The show brings together an array of beautiful quilts that are true works of art, as well as buttons, fabrics, and sewing machines.  All of the latest sewing/quilting gadgets will be on display. A definite must see if you can go.

Lastly, Erin of Dessert Girl asked me to guest blog about my favorite dessert. I wrote about my favorite Blueberry Banana Cream Pie recipe, which made me think about that dessert and how long it's been since I've made it. So today (grocery day), I bought the ingredients to make it. It's the weekend, so it's allowed =)

Have a great weekend! Next week, I will show you my new Echino skirt I made today.




copperseal said...

lovely post! those owls are too wonderful not to like ;)

Giabella Designs said...

I wonder if I could substitute Splenda for the sugar and low-fat or fat free cream cheese for the full fat cream cheese. I know they make a sugar free pie filling.......or am I just totally RUINING this lovely dessert!

Anonymous said...

Our family is blessed with memories and honored that you used our pie! We (the girls in the family) LOVE your blog. My girls even made your birds today all by themselves. Very cute- I'll have to send you a photo. I want a purse made from the owl print with the yellow background- do you take special orders?
miss you,

Pretty Ditty said...

Giabella designs - I'm not sure if all that substituting would ruin the dessert. Just have it on the weekend with all of the good unhealthy ingredients =) That's what I do.

Traci - My sweet friend =) Please do email the girls birdie pics, and in the email we can talk about the purse.

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