January 9, 2009

My first hiccup of 2009

I love this picture. . It all goes back to Monday morning and the "Life Hiccup" post. Shortly after that positive thinking post, my 2 year old became very sick with the flu. (I should have known something like that would happen after writing that post.) Anyways, it was a bad flu, full of high fevers, vomiting, and eventually a double ear infection. He is now on antibiotics and is getting much better.  However, my oldest son now has the flu =(  This morning I was awoken by a very hungry and grumpy toddler who hasn't eaten in days and doesn't understand the phrase "just a minute." All the while, my seven year old woke up and unfortunately didn't make it to the restroom in time. (Don't worry, I'll spare you the details.) I love them both very much, and to be quite honest, if this is as bad as it gets, then retrospectively it's not  bad at all. However, at 6:30 in the morning with NO COFFEE running through the veins, I felt like I was having a big life hiccup.

Eventually, I was able to feed my famished toddler and clean up after the oldest. When all was calm, and as I was sipping my much needed coffee, a sweet little humming bird swooped in and perched itself right on a tree in front of my window. I'm pretty sure this is the same humming bird I see every so often perched on the same tree. I'd like to think that maybe she had a rough morning too and just needed some quiet time before returning to her nest full of hungry little birds.  Anyways, I grabbed my camera and began to shoot away. She was a natural model and didn't seem to mind. Below are some more pics from our photo shoot.

humming bird

To Fly

After several more pictures were taken, she decided to end the shoot and flew off.

It was beautiful.

I hope you have a blessed weekend.



copperseal said...

what a beautiful time - blessings towards your family!

Jeannine said...

Gorgeous Pictures. So tranquil and peaceful.

Well, if this makes you feel better, the same thing swept through our house two days before Christmas. I think the worst part was not that everyone got sick, but that Christmas did not take place until the 27th. All that work and stress. The kids did not eat, so our meal was crossed off the list too. My two kids and hubby all got sick, and I washed sheets and clothes until 3am every night until things calmed down. I won't forget our Christmas of 2008.

Next year, I am keeping the kids locked up throughout the month of December, and keeping alot of Purell on hand.

Pretty Ditty said...

Yikes Jeanine! That's rough. I agree about keeping the kids locked up until Christmas =)

GoyaDesigns said...

I think the hummingbird was God's special kiss to you on a hectic day. He knows how much you love birdies.

jenifriend said...

You captured a really beautiful photo, and I'm happy to hear it held sentimental value to you. Many blessings to you and yours!!

jenifriend in kansas