January 30, 2009

A librarian and a married girl.

Hello.  Guess what I've been doing?


I hate being predictable, but the heart wants what the heart wants.  
This is Abigail the peculiar librarian.  I don't trust her.  Anybody with red eyes automatically qualifies to be placed on my suspicious, odd, watch out for this one, list.  Yes, even if they are librarians.  Abigail was inspired by Emily Martin's Two of a Kind painting.  Love her work!

While I was working on Abigail, my daughter asked me to make her a "married doll."  She is really into brides and love stories. ( I don't know how much more her dad can take of her talking about marriage and babies.  My husband doesn't have any sisters, so he doesn't quite understand a little girls psyche.   However, he is trying.)  I told B-girl that I would make the bride's dress and she can paint the bride.  Deal?  Deal!  And here is the blushing bride....

What a sweetie!  I will forever remember my daughter's face after she painted the smile on the married girl, she turned to me and said "she is smiling like this" and she made the most awkwardly cute smile I ever did see.  Designing and making the doll was a fun, memorable, tear free, experience for the both of us.  

Married girl - I think it's so cute how little ones talk.  Often times, I find it difficult to correct my little ones when the say something that is not grammatically correct or accurate.  A couple of weeks ago, my daughter asked me a question about giving birth (see, there's the babies thing again) and she began the sentence like this " Mama, when you laid me......."  I forgot what the rest of the question was, because it was so funny to me that she thought I laid her.  No, I didn't correct her, as a matter of fact, yesterday she asked me if Hanna (our dog) was ever going to lay babies.  Another favorite of mine is the mispronunciation of them as dems.  My daughter will say "Can I have all of dems?" or "Is dems coming with us?"  Reluctantly, I began to correct her, but it's funny how catchy dems is.  One day while at work,  my husband referred to a group of people as  "all dems."  He came home and said we have to stop saying "dems."  

Have a wonderful weekend.  Next week should be a fun week here at Prettydittyville.  I have a makeover/tutorial to share with you, as well as a couple of doll kit giveaways.




Amy said...

That is the most beautiful bride I have ever seen! Way to go Abigail!

Paulette said...


Do you take special requests from other than your daughter? (What I mean is - do you sell these?) The bride is just beautiful!!

And isn't it wonderful to listen to little people speak? Dems are the most innocent and creative (with the English language) I have ever met!

Jacqueline said...

I am in love with your dolls and you cute daughter's married doll! All so cute and very lovely.

Is always so wonderful to listen to little ones speak. I'm really looking forward to the doll kit giveaways!! *pray*

Have a lovely restful weekend!

Melanie O said...

That "Married Girl" is beautiful! I love the pink hair! And, the librarian is wonderful, too ;) You both are sooo talented!

lucky knitter said...

That was such a cute post. I smiled all the way through it. I love the smile on married doll. Very sweet.

Pretty Ditty said...

Thank you all very much. Both my daughter and I have enjoyed reading your comments.

Paulette - I am seriously flattered that you would possibly buy one. I'm not sure yet if I will sell them. I get attached to them when I make them =) I will be putting kits together for both the giveaway and for purchase in the shop. We will see where it goes from there.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Now you need to make a married man doll... that would be fun, a married couple!!! Dems would be very kewl.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Pretty Ditty said...

Yes, dems would be kewl =)

erin said...

That was so funny that I had to come out of hiding and tell you that it was very funny. My husband and I got a kick out of those "verbal" stories. Our oldest is four and the same way. :) We're working on correcting some things now.

lucky knitter said...

I'm so excited you are making these into kits! They are just so darn cute. I could never paint a face that beautifully though.

Pretty Ditty said...

Lucky Knitter, you'd be surprised. I bet you could =)

Kimberly said...

I laughed so hard at the idea of your husband saying "all dems" at work...still laughing :D

Lil Urchin said...

Hi baby girls...dems are the cutest I've seen...I love the married girl...where's the married boy? Happy