May 6, 2008

Not my friend anymore!

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a hole (or tear) in my window screen. My initial thought was that it may have been a failed break-in attempt. I wasn't too worried about this, because if it was an attempted break-in then the person wasn't to bright and very weak considering the way the screen was cut. If the person tried to come back I'm sure I could outwit or man handle the little
f 'er.

Pay no attention to the dirty window. We must stay focused here.

This morning I heard tapping on the window. Slowly, and very big eyed I might add, I crept to the window to see if my wimpy and below average IQ person was there. To my surprise and relief, it wasn't a person, it was a bird! Apparently the bird was picking off the wires from my screen to make a nest at my neighbors house. Keeping in mind my previous post about sharing space with the humming bird - I'm not so sure about that anymore. I mean this "cute" bird is picking at my screen and isn't even setting up house where I can see it. Sharing requires both parties to give. If I'm donating the screen then the least he can do is make his nest where I can see it. I think that is what I am most perturbed about. Instead, he (the bird) goes to my neighbors house where he is completely out of view to make his nest. It's as if he says to his spouse "Honey, lets take the wire from that screen because it's old and needs to be replaced, but we ain't raising the kids in this neighborhood!"

Yeah, that's the little booger right there. You know a person (or a bird in this case) is guilty when they won't even look at you.

It's funny how I consider the bird a male when I'm upset with it, and I consider a bird a female when it's innocent of any wrong doing. There must be something Freudian about that.

Moving on to better news, there is a new apron in the shop.


The colors are delicious!



Pamelamama said...


Funny about the bird, you have such a good sense of humor. :)

Pretty Ditty said...

Thanks! I will pass that on to my husband and family. They need some reminding of my great sense of humor ;)