May 14, 2008

A new doll and new fabric

I made a new Black Apple Doll for a friends 4 year old daughter, who is recovering from a successful surgery. She had an unfortunate fall on a glass bowl and severed a tendon and several nerves in her left wrist. Bless her little heart.

I really do enjoy making these sweet little rag dolls. If you have ever contemplated making one you really should give it a try. I think you would be pleasantly surprised with how easy and rewarding the doll making process is.

This post will be another short one because over the weekend I received a shipment of Anna Maria Horner's new fabric line Drawing Room. In reference to my previous post, I have already made one apron from this fabric line and I can't wait to start cutting into the other fabrics. So, it's off to work I go, but in the mean time here's a peek at some of the fabrics which will soon be dittied up into aprons.



Miranda said...

I'm allllll over that new red print fabric! Can I have first "dibs" on the finished apron???

Hope you are fabulous!

Pretty Ditty said...

Yes you may! Thanks =)