May 2, 2008

An honest idiot.

bingo handkerchief

Here are the handkerchiefs I won on eBay. The recent eBay commercials are right. It does bring out the competitor in you! Competing for these handkerchiefs brought out the best in me. I came in on the auction like a stealth bomber. The other buyers never new what hit them. Quietly, I waited, and when there was about 10 seconds left I put my bid in, then I opened another window and put one more bid in just in case someone tried to snake me and BAM they're mine now. However, the winning euphoria quickly leaves the body when it comes time to pay.

There was one particular time when I was watching an auction for Amy Butler's Ginger Bliss fabric. I really wanted this particular fabric because it was out of production and perfect for a quilt I had planned to make. I used my stealth tactic and won the auction. About 2 minutes after the auction closed, my phone rang. It was a sweet friend of mine and she began to share how she had just lost an auction on eBay for some Amy Butler fabric and how crazy and competitive the bidders are on eBay. My first thoughts were, "Did I just snake her fabric" and "Does she know my eBay name?" ( Which, to my shock, I later found out is a naughty site! I tried to buy the domain name for my apron shop and discovered it was taken. I typed in the www address to see who had my cute user name and up pops the ole one eyed monster staring at me in the face. I've decided not to share with you my eBay name for 3 reasons: 1) I don't want you to know it's me in case I bid on something you want because you know my tactic now. 2) You shouldn't look at that crap anyways. 3) I don't want a bunch of pervs who may be looking for that site to do a word search and happen upon my sweet innocent blog. Next thing you know, I'll get comments like "Hey baby, what are you going to do with that scarf you knitted?) Anyways, back to the story. I couldn't believe that I had just outbid my dear friend. I then became embarrassed of my overly aggressive and competitive nature, and told her that "yes, people are crazy on eBay and probably just sit around all day doing nothing but watch items on eBay and then they come in at the last minute and rudely take it." "The nerve of such inconsiderate people ." After a couple of minutes of this we ended our conversation and hung up. As soon as I hung up the phone the guilt set in. Fortunately, God gave me a conscience, so I quickly picked up the phone and called my friend back to tell her that it was me that sat around all day waiting for the auction to end so that I could pluck it up at the last minute. And do you know what? That fabric wasn't the same auction as hers. I confessed for no reason, thus making myself look like a complete idiot. An honest idiot.



Giabella Designs said...

That was funny! By the way, your apron is features on Apron A Day. I also joined a gym, thanks in part to you. I joined on Monday, worked out *took a class* on Tues and today! I am so proud of myself. see now? no need to feel guilt, you have done a good deed......Sue Ann

Pretty Ditty said...

Now that's what I'm talking about! You go girl!