April 30, 2008

Another Dragon


This apron is similar to the last apron; however, it's in a different colorway. I'm not sure which one I like best. I love the traditional tattoo colors of this Shibuki Dragon apron, and the dragon is more noticeable. However, the other colorway (teal, blue, red) is, as I have written before, one of my favorite color combinations.

Speaking of my favorite color combinations, I wanted to show you 2 handkerchiefs I won on eBay awhile back, but my camera appears to be sick. One of the handkerchiefs is red with a teal border. It features a whimsical girl carrying a purse that is spilling over with stuff. I'll show you the pic as soon as my camera gets over the flu. In the mean time here's some random finds that you may be interested in:

  • The Crafty Crow is a blog that features a collective of children's crafts. It is a great resource for not only crafts but children's books as well. This blog is frequently updated and fresh with ideas.

  • Portabellopixie has a great tutorial on sheering. I would love to make a couple of sun dresses using this technique.

  • Both Sew U and Sew U Home Stretch books are a must for the beginner to advance sewer. They are very easy to read and full of great information on how to sew garments that fit just right.

  • The Alabama Stitch book is just flat out beautiful. The book demonstrates hand sewing, embroidery, and quilting techniques. I haven't bought it yet, but every time I go to the book store, this is the book I read. I'm half way through the book=)

  • The La Marelle web store is... interesting. What I absolutely love in this store are these journals. You have to click on the journal to see how cute and inspiring the pages are. This journal is my favorite. I'm sure that if I had this journal I would be infused with smartism and creativity. If smartism isn't a word then that is exactly the reason why I need this journal.



Two Mittens said...

I saw your aprons on Apron A Day...these are some of the most beautiful I've seen!

Pretty Ditty said...

Thank you for both your compliment and commenting on my blog.

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