March 25, 2008

Shabby Bird Cage #2

OK... so, I had quite a surge in hits (on my site) from my previous post. I've decided that when things get a little slow around here I'm going to put on one of my Pretty Ditty aprons and go to The Grove to find me some celebrities to take pictures with ;)

Good news! I didn't spend my weekend at The Grove, instead I celebrated Easter (of course) and I finished my revised bird cage.

I am very happy with the revised version, because it is more stable and easy to make. The color's used: red, blue, white and a touch of yellow, are one of my favorite color combinations. I am also proud on my happy little bird as opposed to the grumpy constipated bird's I made previously. Hand embroidery is not one of my strengths but I think I kind of got the hang of it with this particular bird.

You have to check out the belly of the bird. I did a lazy daisy stitch (needs improvement), but one (actually three) never the less.

I have already started on the tutorial for the shabby bird cage. I hope to have it finished by Monday at the latest.



Heather said...

I love this cage! I was dreaming about the colors your used for some reason... how do people think we don't dream in color? I love your new birdy too. And the description of the old bird... made me spit my coffee on my computer I laughed so hard.

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