February 15, 2008

My Super Bowl Ad

A couple of Sundays ago, Super Bowl Sunday to be exact. I went to my cousin's daughter's Birthday/Super Bowl party. I'll give you a couple of seconds to figure out that scenario......... OK time's up. It was great because the fellas were happy watching the game, and us ladies were happy not to be rushed through the party.

I made a sweet little apron for the little cutie, and I bought her the Fairies Cookbook for her Birthday. The cookbook is full of great, easy to make fairy themed recipes such as; butterfly cookie masks and party hats using ice cream cones. The instructions are simple and the photography is beautiful. I would buy myself the book, but seeing as I just finished eating my 4th cupcake top (i just like the tops), I don't think my lack of will power for sweets could handle it. I'd end up serving myself fairy chocolate cake for breakfast.

I enjoyed watching the game, but as we all know the best part about Super Bowls are the commercials. So, I was thinking (very dangerous)... you know when the game is over and Disney hunts down the MVP and asks him "Mr. MVP, you have just won the Super Bowl. What are you going to do next?" The MVP then responds with "I'm going to Disneyland." Ahh...so sweet. A touch of family innocence before we all roll out the door. However, during the duration of the entire game we are shown burlesque style commercials advertising everything from Internet hosting to potato chips.
I suggest this... in an effort to maintain artistic consistency with the rest of the Super Commercial themes, what if Hooters should get to Mr. MVP before Disney? Wouldn't that be hilarious? I can just picture it now...the announcer running up to the MVP with When You Wish Upon A Star music playing in the back ground. "MR. Super Bowl MVP, you have just won the Super Bowl. What are you going to do next?" Mr. MVP turns to the camera, with a crooked smile, a Jeff Foxworthy accent, and responds with "I'm go'en to Hooters." The background music scratches like a needle on a record. Men across America start high five-ing and belly bumping each other, while beers and wings are served by the ever so nicely dressed waitresses. That would be so wrong and yet so funny.

Enough with the cheesy commercial pitch, on to another more welcoming note. There is a new Ditty in the shop. Have a great weekend!


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earmark said...

hi Jaime, i am so in love with your work and am so glad that you were able to see the feature we did on your stunning aprons! I am saving my pennies and cannot wait to get one, they are by far the most amazing aprons i have ever seen and I am just so impressed with your style and design! Your blog is great too, i might try out that brownie recipe tonight :)