February 10, 2008

Mission Completed

I finished the Jumper/Dress from the Japanese pattern book I bought awhile back. I should say almost finished because I still need to hem it. Click here if you want to see the blue prints to the Jumper/Dress. Now keep in mind I made this for my 4 year old niece. Here's the Jumper.

No, my niece does not have Gigantism. Yes, that's me!!! I think I can hear you laughing at me through the computer. The Japanese pattern books are not only in Japanese but also in centimeters. I don't know which is more difficult for me to understand. Apparently I'm bad at guessing what size my niece is in terms of centimeters. All that time wasted on trying to convert numbers, reading a foreign language, and figuring out where pattern C was on what appeared to be a blue print of down town LA. With the amount of code like information I had to decipher, I felt like a Lostie trying to figure out why I was on the island and how do I get off =).

Truthfully, I'm kind of over-exaggerating. The book had great diagrams, and it's not a complicated pattern when everything is said and done. I did what Amy Karol at Angry Chicken ( i can't find her original post on this project) did, which was I had my niece draw on the denim and then I free motioned over the drawing. She absolutely loved the fact that she "designed" the jumper. I think I can take it in on the sides, and hem it up to fit the little shooga booga. I still have hope. I gotta try while she's still into cute little girl clothes, because before long she'll want to wear tacky clothes similar to those worn by the skanky dolls whose names rhyme with ratz. Hmmm lovely!

In the end, I'm glad I did it. I may try another pattern from the book, and I'm seriously thinking about making a top similar to the jumper, but in my size. I kinda like the jumper on me.



lil urchin said...

I am laughing with you, you are very brave for attempting a Japanese pattern I must say. I love the idea of the niece designing the fabric...hopefully it can be altered...maybe mom can help...if not it makes a darling top...4U.

Lil Urchin

Jamie Christina said...

Thanks MOM! =)