February 25, 2008

Good Stylist... Priceless.

A BIG shout out to Salon 580 in Carlsbad....Hollaaaaaa.

Regarding my last post, I had absolutely no reason to be nervous about getting my hair cut by my little sister. I LOVE MY HAIR CUT & COLOR!!!!! Julia is amazing with hair, and to my surprise she was gentle with the brushing =) Thank goodness she's moved on from any childhood grudges. She cut off 12 inches from my hair, and boy do I feel free. My husband REALLY likes it. He says I look fun?! Now, I can go down that path of "what was I before" and force him to say things he probably doesn't mean, or I can take it as a compliment. I chose the latter of the two.

My sister (left) is modeling the Lady of Guadalupe lola apron (soon to be in the shop), and Becky is showing off the Spider Web apron (also soon to be in the shop). Becky is a make-up artist and was kind enough to do my make-up after my sister finished my hair. Becky taught me a couple of "illusion" tricks (with makeup). Surprisingly, I was able to do the tricks on my own. I felt like a contestant on one of those make-over shows. Which reminds me...the other day my niece told me the reason she likes Mako sharks is because they do make-overs. How cute is that? Anyways, the whole experience was absolutely fabulous. Thank you Julia, Becky, and the entire Salon 580 crew.

While I was in Carlsbad I got a chance to stop by my favorite fabric shop Sowing Sisters. I picked up some fabric for my bird cage project.

Although I couldn't resist using the green polka dot fabric for this little Ditty.

La La Lace is up in the shop!



Heather said...

I also have a sensitive head from sibling abuse! Julia tells me that too and I always feel like I'm making her day more difficult. hehe. She does a great job, my appt is next Friday and I can't wait! I always feel like a new woman when she's done with me.

Lisa Brown - Vintage Sweet Peas said...

I just found your Etsy store and I love your aprons, they are so cute, pretty, lovely ......
Well, just had to leave you a message and let you know!

So glad you had a great hair day! Hummmm, not sure I will ever get over my hair memories with my sister...lol