January 4, 2008

Hello out there in blog land.

Testing 1...2, testing.

Hi! I'm Jamie and ... well ... I want to blog too. Why? Because when you find yourself having conversations in your head one would consider it insane, but it's not if you blog them. Now that I started blogging it's considered "brainstorming". So while "brainstorming" I thought "what makes a good blog" then I answered (of coarse) with this list:

  1. Write only when inspired. This is good because 75% of the time I get inspired when exercising on the treadmill. In a couple of months I will have dropped some extra poundage and be extremely intriguing.

  2. Don't think about what other people want to read (kinda difficult for me).

  3. Freebies (patterns).

  4. NEVER complain about blogging. It's annoying when people do that.

  5. All rules are null and void if I so choose =)

  6. End a blog when my thoughts are completed no matter how short or long it is.

And with that my thoughts have been completed.



Pamelamama said...

your aprons are gorgeous! gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree, pretty ditty! glad to have found ya:)