February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Top

For Valentine's Day, I decided to make myself a top.  I pinned a similar top on pinterest and used it as my inspiration.  Initially, I was apprehensive about using similar color choices for fear of clashing.  I changed my mind several times at the store, placing the bolts in my cart and then taking them back out, all to return back to the bolts and placing them back in my cart again.  That would have been a moment where I needed my kids with me, because when they go shopping with me, I never have the time to change my mind about fabric.  They've conditioned me to operate within a 12 minute window, whereby I get into the store, pick out the fabric, cut the fabric, and get out of the store and back into the car before someone is very unhappy with me.  Whew! My heart rate goes up just writing about it. 
This time they weren't with me and after several back and forth moments,  I decided to go with my color choices.  I'm happy I did.  

Here's a sleeve view...

Changes I would make...
  ~ The seams have some puckering, which may be because I cut the silky polyester on the lengthwise grain. 
~ The sleeves have a rolled hem finish, which looks wearable to me, but could look better.  Next time, I'll try a sleeve facing and I'll cut the pattern on the crossgrain.

Changing topics...Like many of you, I watched the Grammys last night.  I always get anxious to see what the artists will be wearing each year.  Insert record scratching noise HERE...I don't know... is it just me or did it seem like last night's Grammys red carpet walk was the entrance to a Halloween party?  What's with all of the costume themes?  Or am I just getting old?  Insert crickets chirping awkward silence HERE....

I must say that I did like Rihanna's black dress.  She looked amazing in it!  I also liked Paris Hilton's dress, specifically the godets.  I'm a sucker for godets.  So I guess there is fashion hope out there in Grammy land =)




jacqueline said...

Helloo there sweet Jamie! :) Happy valentine's week and have a wonderful swete day!! Love your top lots so perfect for such a wonderful love occation! Love to you!

Marie said...

Your top is lovely, the colour combination is perfection! I would love to own a top just like it ;o)

Fran said...

love it - especially the colour combo!

Kelli said...

I am a huge fan of pink and red together. it looks great.

Pretty Ditty said...

Thank you all very much! I'm now a fan of pink and red too!

cougcacher said...

Dare I ask what you have in store for St. Patrick's Day? I am in need of inspiration, all of the Irish stuff on the west coast is beer related.

Keep up the good work, Jamie. I enjoy reading your blog, and copying your ideas. ;)

Slainte (Cheers)

Unknown said...

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