March 7, 2011

Hey! Hello there!

Oh how I miss blogging!  Not only have I not had a chance to blog, but I haven't really been able to read blogs.  Ugh!  I feel like I'm out of the loop and have no idea what's going on in the crafty blog world.  I'm in serious need of a crafty blog fix, but that will have to wait.  First, I must sell what is left of my fabric at, then I must finish the 2 new sewing patterns that I'm working on.  

I have a photo shoot scheduled this Sunday for the two new patterns, which I'm so excited for!  The location is freaking awesome and the dresses turned out great, so all I need is a sunny day which isn't asking too much from California...right? 

As for Phat Fabric, all fabrics are now on sale at 40% off the retail price (link).  This is the last sale.  I intend to transfer ownership to my mom by the end of March. 

I think I need a twitter account- the fast food equivalent to blogging.



1 comment:

Sew Hungryhippie said...

Yes, Twitter is rad. Now if only I could do them both...ahhh but "real life" is just so busy!
Can't wait to hear about your patterns & surely a world takeover to follow---I'm telling all my sewing buddies about them!
(Move over Amy Butler!)