February 3, 2010

Damask Apron

There is something different about this apron. Take a closer look...

It's made with laminate fabric!
I made this apron with the hair stylist in mind, although it's great for cooking spaghetti in too. The laminate fabric doesn't absorb liquids. Not only is the apron stain resistant - it's got some serious hottness going on in the back...

This apron, along with a couple of other aprons, will be listed next Wednesday in the shop.




michelle ellis said...

I love it! What a perfect gift!

Camille said...

I love that apron! It would be great for making crafts and painting, too!

jacqueline said...

This is a gorgeous apron! I agree with nate that it's great for making crafts and painting! Looking forward to shop update...i wish it's tomorrow! :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

Gina said...

That is one SEXY apron! Sexy yet practical... how great.

GoyaDesigns said...

Hair stylists must be smiling.

www.palencia-3d.com said...

Oh my god, there is really much effective info above!

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