August 24, 2009

Hello Pin with template and instructions

My kids' 1st day of school already came and went about 2 weeks ago. It came in like a lion and out like... well... er... uh... it just left. For the first day of school I made my daughter a Hello pin. To be fair, I did offer to make my son (2nd grade) one and surprisingly he refused. Maybe a Transformer felt pin would work... maybe not =) For this pin, I used Illustrator to make the shapes of the girl along with 3 different background options (for future pins). If you too would like to make a Hello pin for your little sugar boog, below are the instructions along with the PDF template. Simply click on the Brooch template link to download the PDF file.

~ Felt scraps (wool felt works best)
~ Embroidery floss
~ Needle and thread for hand stitching
~ Embellishments such as beads
~ Pin back~ Brooch Template


1) Cut out all of your pieces according to the instructions on the template. Use felt for all of the pieces except for the dress. You can use scrap fabric for the dress. (I used the 2nd pin option; however, I cut the circle with pinking shears instead of cutting the scallops)

2) Place the dress onto the right side of the body piece. You will see that the dress is bigger than the body. Fold the raw edges of the dress around the body so that the raw edges are on the wrong side of the body. Hand stitch the dress to the right side of the body. Stitch along the outline of the body making sure to stitch the raw edge of the dress to the wrong side of the body.

3) Embellish the dress. I embroidered a white collar along the neck line. Other options could be a scarf, flowers, or pockets.

4) Place the hair piece on the head. The hair piece should be slightly larger than the head. Stitch the hair piece to the head.

5) Stitch the hair buns to the head. Place them behind the head so that they are peeking out from behind the neck.

6) Stitch the arms to the dress/body.

7) Make her eyes by embroidering a french knot at each eye position.

8) Stitch her mouth and nose (optional). I didn't think my girl needed a nose.

9) For her cheeks I used a toothpick and scooped out a little bit of my Bobby Brown blush and applied it to her cheeks. Hey it works!

10) Hand stitch your girl to the foreground. I simply hand stitched around the outline of her shape.

11) Stitch the pin back to the background, then stitch the foreground to the background. I used a blanket stitch.

12) Embellish some more if you so desire. I added beads and the word Hello.

13) Join the Pretty Ditty flickr group and share your pin.

Happy creating!



Mary said...

I am totally making one of these, but for myself. :) Thank you for sharing the pattern!!!

jacqueline said...

The hello pin is soooo adorable! A must make in my list! Thank you so much for sharing this pattern with us! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

frutejuce said...

That is a lovely little pin, a sweet thing to do.

Pretty Ditty said...

I do hope you all will share some pics of the pins =) said...

Argh! That is sooo sweet, I love it! Thanks so much for sharing this, I'll be linking.

Pretty Ditty said...

Thanks Rachel! I always appreciate your links =)