July 28, 2009

A vintage find O'mine

Alas! My new vintage dress (oxymoron... yes?) has arrived. Recently, I discovered, and subsequently stalked, an etsy store called Old Age. Mmmmm... such happiness there (love this mini). Now when it comes to vintage/antique shopping, I have concluded that I don't have the vintage eye. My brother on the other hand, has the vintage eye of an eagle. Approximately 75% of his shopping is done at the DAV and he looks like he shops at some chic LA men's boutique. He's always able to find amazing sailor hats, old jackets, and classic shoes. He looks great in them!
But not me. When I shop at vintage stores I get so overwhelmed with all of the other stuff that I often over look the good stuff. Plus, within 5 minutes of being surrounded by vintage inventory my allergies flare up like a Tasmanian devil! I begin sneezing, my throat starts to itch, and my EYES - oh do my eyes start to water. Maybe that's the real reason why I don't have the vintage eye... they're too watery to see the good stuff.
Anyways, I gave up antiquing on the weekends long ago. Which brings me to my extreme happiness with finding Old Age and my 1960's mini dress. I didn't have to weed through a bunch of inventory while sneezing and crying.

I must confess that when I had put the dress on, I kind of felt like saluting and saying...

"Welcome aboard and thank you for flying with us." It's got a little of that 60's flight attendant vibe going on =)

I like it.

As for the belt, I made it with brown velvet ribbon. Here's a better view of it...

The belt snaps together. I took pics of the process and when I get a chance I'll write up a tutorial on how to make a velvet belt along with all of the belt buckle options. In the mean time here's a list of my favorite etsy vintage shops...
Old Age
High Street Market
Vintage Jane
Timeless Vixen

Enjoy your flight!



Bobbinoggin said...

sooo cute!

and btw, I totally relate to allergies flaring up whilst looking at vintage. one of my favorite vintage jackets that I purchased, had to be sold because I could not get whatever smell out of it that would send my nose into a fuss. It was quite a sad thing.

love the belt addition and would love to see a cute hat paired with this. :)



Simply great!
Looks very vintage it's fantastic!

See you

GoyaDesigns said...

you would recognize a flight attendants dress if you saw one, wouldn't ya? :)
I immediately thought of Jackie O when I saw it. The belt is very cute.

kayerj said...


Pretty Ditty said...

Thanks ladies!

jacqueline said...

Hiee Jamie!! Missed you while i was away. :) Im enjoying catching up on all the posts ive missed on your lovely blog.
This dress is sooo cute! Love love love. I guess i missed your shop updated too. >_<
Have a lovely merry happy day! Love to you!

Pamelamama said...

Could you BE any more adorable!! I cant take it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

SENSATIONAL! Not everyone could pull that off but you do it with style, and lots of it. Lovely!

Goliath said...

Awesome~ thanks for the list of etsy shops too, they look great :D

Mika said...

That dress is so cool!!! Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

Mary said...

That dress looks fantastic on you! Thanks for all the vintage shop links.