April 28, 2009

New quilt patterns in the shop!

And more!
Quilting is my first love of sewing and it's about time I stock the shop with some quilt patterns. The last quilt pattern, Charming Log Cabin, is a favorite of mine, because it's perfect for large, beautiful, fabric prints. The kind of fabric that you don't want to cut up in little pieces. Also, it's really fast and easy to make. Just straight sewing. No tricky curves.

Here are 2 quilts I made with the Charming Log Cabin pattern.

The second quilt I made is a Pirate themed quilt for my oldest son (he's not too old for pirates... yet). After I completed the quilt top, I hand tied it to a down comforter. No quilting or backing, because the comforter is the backing. I then sewed on the binding. My son loves it because it's so cuddly (i'm sure he'll make me delete this post when he gets older).

Here's a link to all of the new quilt patterns in the shop.



Tracy said...
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HOPE said...

Oh my! Your charming Log Cabin in the blue and brown is STUNNING!

I'll be back...I'd love to have this pattern.

Found you via Tori..so glad too!

visit me at my A CREATIVE HEART blog...click at profile. Hard to get to otherwise.sigh.

Gina Halladay said...

Thanks for making such amazing "Charming Log Cabin" quilts. Very cute.
This was the very first pattern I ever designed and still a best seller!

Gina Halladay
Threaded Pear Studio