March 6, 2009

New fabric and doll making supplies!

This week was a full week, namely the birthday day and that dang monster of a pettiskirt. Why I think I can do these things last minute is beyond me. I never did officially finish the skirt, but I did finish it enough to make it presentable for the little shoog boog. I intend to finish it next week and write a post about it. Lets just say I won't be making any chiffon aprons anytime soon. Never say never. Right?

There's some new stuff in the shops....

Zen Tattoo in black (wha ta ta taaaaa)

Peg doll supplies

The Party Pack

The Zen Tattoo fabric is by Alexander Henry fabrics. A.H. fabrics never disappoint=) Amazing!
The pin, peg, clothespin doll supplies (many words, one meaning) are now available in both the Pretty Ditty shop and Phat Fabric. I am very excited about this new product, because the Forster brand is the only brand I like to work with. Some of heads created by the other brands don't quite fit right. They look like Dark Helmet from the movie Spaceballs. Big helmet heads. The Forster brand has a nice fit that tapers off towards the base. Listed in the shops are heads, pins, stands, and the party pack. The party pack is a great way to save money, because it's 15% off what it would be if you bought the packages individually.

I hope you all have a rejuvenating weekend. My big weekend plan is to attend the swap meet. Hopefully, I'll find some vintage clothes, fabric, and trinkets. I've been told to wear yucky clothes and carry a lot of $1's and $5's. My friend even told me to wear a fanny pack :0 I'm not a fan of haggling. I gotta get all psyched up and put my game face on. It's hard to hide what the heart wants =)



Anonymous said...

Jamie, this is soo cool offering pin, peg, clothespin doll supplies in your shop! Now i have a place to shop for this supplies when i need more! Thank you!
Have a lovely merry happy weekend and lots of love to you!

Anonymous said...

It's great that you thought of this... makes it easier to get what we need.. great marketing!!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Pretty Ditty said...

Thanks. It's easier for me too =)

Unknown said...

Oh my...SO funny that you referenced Dark Helmet! LOL! I was looking at my 1st clothespin doll I made a couple weeks ago (head from polymer clay) and commented on how huge her melon is! She looks like aliens laid eggs inside her brain.

Pretty Ditty said...

That is funny!

I actually like the bigger heads, I just don't like the ones that never narrow near the neck.

Too funny =)

muebles en getafe said...

What namely you are writing is a horrible mistake.

Unknown said...

Where do I find the instructions for the dolls. There doesn’t seem to be any?