February 20, 2009

Photoshop actions

I thought I'd have the painted peg dolls up in the shop, but it's taking a bit longer then I had planned. Painting little faces and sewing little dresses is certainly a process I shouldn't rush. Plus, I want to list a couple of finished dolls all at once rather than 1 doll at a time. Options are a good thing.

I do, however, want to share with you a few photos. Have you ever heard of The Pioneer Woman blog by Ree Drummond? Likely so. Pretty much everyone has or will eventually stumble upon her web site in their blogging adventures. I am particularly fond of her photography section where I've found free actions that can be used in photoshop.
Below are a couple of my favorite photos that I've applied Ree's actions to. I have written what actions were used underneath each photo.


Action: Lovely and Ethereal
My brother and my little guy.

Uncle Nato

Action: Seventies

B and Daddy

Action: Colorized
Little girls love their daddies.

Bird House

Action: Seventies

Her path

Action: PW Black and White beauty
Oh how I love this pic. To me, it's metaphoric of what the future holds for my little girl. As she grows older she will become more independent, running through life on her chosen path. The two girls to me represent friendships and how I hope she will find a special kindred spirit to connect with. The old man reminds me of how we eventually do slow down and take notice of the things we overlooked when we were young and running.

My love

Actions: Quick edge burn and boost.
I love that man!


Actions: Define and sharpen, Quick edge burn, Seventies

And this is me at my favorite place with my favorite people. What more can a woman ask for!

Have a pleasant weekend my friends.



Anonymous said...

Jamie, those dolls have such sweet face! I really like that little girl all the way at the back with dark hair and 2 buns and she looks so cute looking up.

Those pictures are soo lovely..i enjoyed them lots and thanks for sharing!

Have a lovely weekend and love to you!

Sam said...

I can't wait to pick out my little desk friend. I'm glad you're taking your time.

Wendy said...

hey jaime...what kind of camera are you using?

Pretty Ditty said...

Hello Wendy. I have a Nikon D60 and so far I like it. It's my first digital SLR.

Wendy said...

i've been thinking about upgrading, still trying to figure out if I want to enter that arena, but I love your photos of and of course, PW's. Your blog is so fun!

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