January 5, 2009

Hello 2009, can you tell me where 2008 went?

Last July, I wrote a post about making Christmas aprons in July and whether or not it was too early to do so, because Christmas was sooooo far away. That felt like yesterday! So here we are, a new day, a new year, possibly full of new beginnings.

I am excited about 2009 - yes, even though economic analyst tell me I shouldn't be =) It is an interesting time we are living in - one of change and uncertainty, that's for sure. Over the break my husband and I had a lot of time together to discuss.... well.... everything. It was great! He said something to me, in regards to the future, that I found very insightful. He said that life is not linear. Though I had never thought about it, I guess I have operated my life according to some sort of assumed time line or expectation of events and opportunities. By "life is not linear," I mean that everything from finances to relationships are not acting according to a predictable behavior, as in a straight line with out any deviations. For example, if someone didn't have a great high school experience, it doesn't mean that they will forever be limited in the areas similar to that negative experience. The same is true if someone had a great high school experience. Those experiences were due to circumstances unique to that moment in time.
While this type of thinking can give someone the comfort of a supposed predictability, the reality is that life is not predictable, nor should I allow myself to be boxed in by prior experiences or results. As I have written before, past failures can be so crippling, but it's equally important to note that past successes can keep us in the past out of fear that we may not duplicate the success. Even more practical, is remembering this idea when it comes to my resolution goals. Just because I have a momentary lapse doesn't mean I wholeheartedly jump off the wagon for the rest of the year. If habits were easy to change they wouldn't be called habits. My goal for 2009 is to be present and to embrace each challenge and opportunity for the fullness that it is. So with that in mind, I am excited for 2009 and all of the "life hiccups" it will bring.

Happy to be back.