December 5, 2008

Woodland Snowflakes

First of all, thanks for celebrating yesterday's victory with me. The funny thing is this morning a saw a diaper commercial on TV and... well... I got kinda sad. I actually got a little teary eyed. I know that's just crazy talk, but seriously, the whole potty trained thing does signify that I no longer have a baby =( ........ and then I woke up! No diapers! What the heck is wrong with me.

OK - now for the real reason why I posted today. I wanted to show you some simple little wood-some snowflakes I made with the kids the other day.

If you have some sticks, wood glue, glitter (optional), and baker's twine (optional), you too can make them. Here's how...

1) Cut or break 3 sticks at about 4" in length.

2) Apply wood glue to the center of one stick and lay the second stick on top, making an X. Let it dry before moving on.

3) Once the X is dry and sturdy, apply wood glue to the top and lay the third stick on the glue, making a snowflake shape. You may need to use a couple of books or something to support the third stick as it drys, or lay the X on the third stick (third stick on bottom).

4) Once it is all dry you can embellish it with glitter, bakers twine (we used twine to give more stability to some of them), or you can add more dimension to your snow flake by bending sticks into a V and gluing them to the ends of the snowflake.

I think it's got an Anthropologie vibe going on =)

Next week, I hope to be able to show you my woodland garland that I've been working on for awhile. Here's a little peek...

I keep getting distracted by making other crafty stuff with my little birdies like this...

Bird ornament

I think she's going to be a year around decoration in my house. I want to add some bells to the bottom of the branch and hang her on my front door. We'll see.

Have a joyful weekend!



Melanie O said...

Ooooo, that garland is going to be beautiful!

trash said...

I felt that way when my boy gave up dummies (pacifiers).

GoyaDesigns said...

He will always be your baby. Mine is seven and once in great while...I still baby talk to him. He hates it, but he will always be my baby (diapers, under roos, or boxers).

I think your snow flakes are very anthro. and your woodsy Christmas is going to be rustically beautiful.


Bobbinoggin said...

so stinkin' cute. always a pleasure to see your projects.

and congrats on the potty training accomplishment! SCORE. said...

These are SO pretty, I love them! I'll be linking. Great job with the potty training! Now you have lots of other milestones to look forward to!

ZenCrafter said...

I love your woodland theme--the snowflakes are gorgeous and so are your birdies!

Jodi said...

Those snowflakes are darling! Found them at Craft Crow...thanks for sharing!

rebecca said...

Heaven knows we have plenty of sticks and twigs on the ground here in MA thanks to our recent ice storm. My kids will love making snowflakes out of some of the sticks. Thanks for the idea!

Red Hen (dette) said...

These are so lovely! I'm thinking of makind a bird for an old cane birdcage that belonged to my grandmother. Thanks for the inspiration!

Pretty Ditty said...

Hi Amanda! You have my permission. Thank you =)

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