October 3, 2008

Winner, winner, winner

Random Number Generator, would you please tell me who our next winner is? What's that? .... It's Melanie! Melanie, you have just won yourself a brand new Pretty Ditty apron. Congratulations!

I think game show hosts must have one of the best jobs around. You get to give people gifts and enjoy their reactions. Basically, you're job is to be Santa to grown ups. How fun is that?! I was actually on a game show once. Yup! The game show is called The Price Is Right. You may have heard of it, although judging by the comments, some of you don't watch Survivor =) Anyways, I attended the show with my husband and family. I was quite optimistic that one of us would be on the show. I made sure we all brought our social security cards so that we could claim our prizes and later be taxed on the winnings :( I was the 3rd person to be called to "Come on down," as a contestant. I was ecstatic! As I was rushing through the isle my huarache sandal (Hey, the year was 1996, huarache's were in then) flipped off my foot and out into the middle of the isle. Lovely. After finding my shoe, I was able to make my way to my bidding station. Starting out, I had a couple of miscalculated bids. Then, on the 3rd bid, the lady next to me did the $1 more than my bid. That upset me to say the least. She didn't win the item. However, at commercial, I had to use every bit of resistance within me to keep myself from leaning over to tell the lady "if you do that again.....". BUT I didn't. Eventually, I bid on a huge carousel horse music box (i thought the same thing "what am i going to do with that) and won. Which brought me to Bob Barker's embracing hug and my stage game. The game I had to play was Freeze Frame. Basically, a series of numbers rotate around a frame and you have to freeze the frame on the correct price of the prize you are playing for. My prize was a jacuzzi. I had no idea how much a jacuzzi was, so I mouthed the words "how much?" My shopping savvy husband new the price and I froze the frame and won! I did the classic hands on mouth, total shock look when I won. To make a long story short, when it came time to spin the wheel (contestant's spin a huge, heavy, rotating wheel, hoping it will get to $1 or as close as possible to $1 without going over) I spun 90 cents. Pretty good huh? Well not good enough. The next guy spun 95 cents and went on to win his showcase. In the end, it was a complete blast. Maybe I'll try Survivor next or better yet, I'll try to convince my husband to go on Survivor. Yes, much better idea to have the husband do it, besides I already did my part with The Price Is Right =)

While the giveaway was going on, I got a whole bunch of new stuff for Phat Fabric. I am really excited about the Sublime Stitching Embroidery kits. I've already opened up one and started embroidering. I am extremely green and unskilled when it comes to hand stitching, but the instructions in the kits are very easy to understand. I also like the way Jenny Hart writes. Sort of like reading a crafting blog =) The kits come with everything to get started embroidering. It even comes with a tea towel or a half apron to embroider on. Here are a couple of the kits:

The Black Apple

The Black Apple embroidery kit

Forest Friends
Forest Friends embroidery kit

and more.

Other new additions to the Phat Fabric family are Robert Kaufman's Cool Cords corduroy fabric collection.

Lady Bug corduroy fabric

Olive Bird corduroy fabric

Black Birds corduroy fabric

Lastly, I'm a huge fan of the Eco-friendly fabrics by Robert Kaufman. They are 53" wide as opposed to the regular 43" wide and they are very soft. Here is Panda print in green.

Panda Print

Thank you to everyone who participated in all of the giveaways. It certainly won't be the last giveaway here in the land of Pretty Ditty where I can pretend to be a game show host =) Thanks for the designer suggestions and the one Survivor item ideas. Thank you Jennifer for putting our minds at ease with the whole feminism issue. Apparently Survivor supplies that "stuff" for the women. Phew!


Giabella Designs said...

So was the carosel and the jacuzzi really free? Did you have to leave a check at the door before taking your jacuzzi home with you (for taxes)? I often wondered how that works. Anyway, congrats Melanie!

Your giveaways are so much fun!

Pretty Ditty said...

I did have to pay taxes on my winnings come that April. You really do have to give them your SS# and sign a bunch of papers. You don't leave the game show with your prizes. You have to wait for the sponsor to ship it, which took about 6 months for the spa.

I'm glad you like the giveaways =)

Anonymous said...

The Price is Right? How exciting!!

So....what did you end up doing with carousel horse music box thingy?

Pretty Ditty said...

I sold it to my husbands great uncle and aunt. It was worth $750.00! I think I sold it for $200 and they ended up painting it???? I sold the jacuzzi to my aunt. At the time, my husband and I were renting a room from a friend who lived in a tiny condo. No room for a jacuzzi. I wish I had that jacuzzi now =)

Wolf family said...

I am so happy for you J! Your new shop is fantastic and truly, so impressive. Well done!!
Hope to see you and catch up a bit in the near future.

GoyaDesigns said...

Your Price is Right story was fun and exciting. Too bad you were not able to keep them. Talk about conversation pieces.
And... How 'bout those new fabrics? They are way cute! I am totally eyeing the green eco friendly fab. and an embrodery kit for my mom.


Bobbinoggin said...

those embroidery kits are TOO CUTE!